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Friday, 20 June 2014

Those Streets.

The Ones We Bombed The Iraqis To Hell And Back To Keep Safe.

Two white, middle class gentlemen convicted of the slaughter of an Englishman.

We are hearing the exact opposite, now. Our oh so brilliant PM tells of the terrible danger we are now under from the threat of Islamic terrorism. You know the one, imported through despicable and lax, sloppy, EUSSR driven dogma, to destroy any sense of Britishness and National identity.

We are regaled by that horrendous Muslim mouthpiece, Ali Ba Ba Brown, an apologist for all racial hatred against the indigenous Anglo Saxons of Britain. She spits venom and loathing at Liddle with a sense of self righteous and arrogant belief in her own, vain and ghastly persona.

A woman besotted with her own self importance, preaching to all and sundry with an incredible chip on her shoulder and an ugliness of character deforming her already podgy and plain face. Like so many of her ilk, savagely committed to an Islamic world and prepared to accept the barbarity of Muslim misogyny. Only, naturally, if she can occupy some weird place immune to the atrocities.

She berates Liddle over the Lee Rigby killers because he referred to them as black savages. Both apt and accurate, as adjective and noun. This twisted, nasty woman is, presumably, colour blind and only pinkos can do wrong. She is so archetypal of her ilk and those who peddle a cosy meme that Islam is nothing to do with the atrocities being committed on a daily basis. An Asian version of Diane "Flabbot".

Camoron is correct in telling us what we already know.. These people have a firm grip on many parts of this Country. Probably all the major towns and cities. Sharia law now quietly accepted by our own failing authorities and apologists. Whatever happened to "keeping our streets safe" by invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our political class, for what reason God alone only knows, excoriated the one man who told of how this would unfold, Enoch Powell. Thereafter any criticism of the surrender to dark forces, politically correctly engineered handcuffs and vicious attacks on common sense has, and continues to be vilified and slapped down.

When the Establishment now wring their hands at the growing power of Islamic dominance and pretend anxiety for the rest of us, you can bet its because they've really woken up to their own vulnerability. How much longer before the horror of Lee Rigby's death becomes a daily occurrence? 

After all, after the abolishment of the ultimate deterrent, capital punishment, we now barely notice the number of murders carried out every week. Why should the creeping dominance of the medieval savagery of this religious fanaticism not become commonplace. Surely and abominably only a matter of time? Especially when the likes of Alibhai Brown are happy to fete all and sundry as long as they are not white.

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