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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Way We Are.

Accountability No Longer A Requirement For Leadership.

Sepp "Corruption" Blatter.

Is there a more loathsome, crooked, corrupt and downright nastier human being on the planet? Almost certainly no other 78 year old. If we go by age alone he might run a close second to Tony "Bloodied Hands" Bliar. 

Blatter is the absolute archetypal, modern global quangocrat, let loose with billions of other people's money. Like those guilty of keeping him in his position, not one knows, in any language, the words honesty and accountability. As with Ecclestone, if you can cream off the top, of a cess pit of turds', lactating to anyone prepared to suckle, at a price, anything goes. (Sod the mixed metaphors, if they fit.)

In a world unable to handle decency and fairness, the way it's done is writ large by Blatter and his ilk. Do not, under any circumstances take responsibility for being shown up as a massive, fraudulent and despicable confidence tricker. Just pocket the ill gotten gains and live the life of a potentate as the rest of the World wrestles with poverty, sickness and the sheer dreadfulness of people such as Blatter.

Our leaders are all mostly Blatter clones. Full of temptation and urine but little else. If they consider themselves complete professionals, they are. If we consider gangster like activities, corruption and the destruction of anyone critical of their behaviour and immorality, then they are consummate professionals, indeed. 

I guess the next big insult to those less fortunate than this clown will be retirement and some UN Special Envoy title. Perhaps a Nobel prize for bribery over decades. In reality he should be put in jail.