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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The United Kingdom Is Of Nothing.

Impotent And Useless.

If only Camoron was half the man!

Notwithstanding the hundreds, if not many thousands of Muslim fanatics, soon to ride and rampage through our Islands, as they are presently doing in Iraq, our pathetic MPs and Establishment are quietly waiting for the abdication of sovereignty. I am at a loss as to how they believe their tax payer funded and comfortable lifestyles are to continue, even when their sell by date is well past.

On the usual Sunday Bollocks Marr and Politics programmes the tired opposition and equally as weary and uninterested present Government talking heads were all at a loss to know how to "keep our streets safe". That is safe from the barbarian and brutal Islamic factions soon to flood our towns and cities. Home reared at that!

Men steeped in racially motivated hatred against the Nation who has fed and housed them for decades. A people so twisted with ill will and nastiness fighting wars which began many centuries ago. Wars which came right up to date by the people in thrall to mad , deranged Bliar.

Now we see these heirs to Bliar's manic incompetence at a loss as to what to do next. Prepared to permit, as they willingly and disgracefully have done for decades, hundreds of thousands of migrants, hell bent on destroying white, Anglo Saxon races. Forget the cloak of religion and Islamic creed, as in Ireland, so in The Middle East, Catholic versus Protestant, Sunni versus Shi'ite. In essence, all parties are really fighting over lands and wealth. Tribe on tribe.

However, our treacherous governing Establishment seem oblivious and happy to accept the consequences of an undemocratic, socialist EUSSR. One already in collusion with Islamic Nations, Turkey in particular, to slowly dominate military and law and order, EU style. 

As the link shows, our present inability to crack down on murdering, savage, deranged killers, already brutalised by blood lust and butchery, is but one element of the pretense of government our political system offers. Common Purpose but a bit player in the ever more victorious domination of us all by fanatics every bit as insane as Bliar.

Still, Bliar should be getting ever more nervous at losing his head, literally as well as medically. Maybe there will be value in an Islamic dictatorship in Europe. Then people might see some of the logic in Vladimir Putin's stand against the forces of medieval butchery, masquerading as Muslims. Here is a Leader  our bunch of EUSSR tossers, for some deep nefarious reason, would have us all vilify to the sound of their dog whistles.

For me it's no coincidence Germany heads up this Western nightmare that is the EUSSR. The whole atmosphere reeks of the same tactics used by the Nazis to drive wedges in society, then exploit the mayhem as "saviours". 

Without Putin who is there left to stand up to the unholy alliances between our EU political chancers and their love affair with all things Islam? Certainly not Ayatollah Obummer. On such lovely summer days it's so hard to see any sunshine in our future. 

If only we had never joined this EU, never overwhelmed our Nation and services with unchecked millions. Many with nought but hatred and racism for the people they're quite prepared to sponge off, abuse and clog up with their own dregs of humanity. As if our own trailer trash were not enough to cope with. At least we understood their backgrounds and could manage their limited expectations.

Socialism in cahoots with fanatical, political Islamists. What a legacy for this once proud and successful Country. God help us all.


  1. Well said OR. So many agreed with Enoch at the time, our political masters then ditched him! History is now proving that the politicians were wrong, and they have no idea how to protect us from returning Jihadists! They are not fit for purpose!

  2. Thank you Jonty. What on Earth's sadly to be done, I wonder. I suspect the chaos in the Middle East will overtake The EUSSR. Rivers of blood as in the barbarian tribal enclaves.