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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Reality Of The Newark Vote.

More Telling Us How To Think.

Are the powers that be sufficiently cunning as to have hyped up UKIP's chances in Newark? Thus when an over 50% reduction in a majority vote from the last outing is claimed as a great success. Since cunning nastiness always trumps common sense and decency, I wouldn't be surprised.

Nigel Farage is presently vying with Vlad Putin as the biggest threat to the EUSSR's version of superior democracy. You know, the one where the violent overthrow of a legitimate regime in Kiev is lauded but an overwhelming result in Crimea vilified. The same attitude to global meddling that's had the US and CIA Corporate morons chatting and doing deals with the Taliban, ready to maximise and exploit the new order about to retake power in Afghanistan.

No doubt the supply chain of heroin used to underpin American economic survival will need to be readjusted when arms dealing is no longer an option for trading drugs. This same loss of revenue, as this unwinnable war fades, derived by arms manufacturers and their dealers seeks other outlets.

I suspect a new face up with the Russian Bear is designed to promote massive deals with the EUSSR despots to populate their lands with unnecessary and expensive "defense" weaponry. A made up spat with their Russian neighbours and a good old fashioned arms race purely calculated to pressure millions into fearing shadows and ghosts.

Now all this may seem a far cry from a minor, in global terms, domestic by election in sleepy Newark. Yet I argue it's not. The British, along with millions of other Europeans, crave a new order to represent them. One putting their lives, families and children's futures before the wealth and power of a privileged political class, now dominating Western Nations.

A class prepared to promote failed and corrupt politicians  to the highest office and pay grade. No shame, accountability or remorse. So many of the attributes necessary for despotic dictators and the rotten core of EU political inner circles. It's almost possible to admire Camoron's public stance on this if we could trust him and "cast iron" guarantees, as if.

So I suggest the demolishing of the incumbents massive majority in Newark was a significant achievement. Despite yet another full on assault against Farage on the eve of the ballot and a perceived meme that women chose not to support UKIP, in Newark, the behind closed doors jittery collusion against UKIP will go on.

All we, the voters, need to do is respond, as we did in the Euro farcical pretense of an election, to this mighty joint nastiness by ignoring it and staying true to our gut feelings something big needs to change. The cosy and scary relationships between the main  stream media must be seen for the undemocratic propaganda machine it is.

Murdoch wants his empire, via Sky, to dominate commercial news outlets and the State mouthpieces, such as the leftards of the PBC, are desiring of having incestuous affairs with their anti national, pro multicultural extremist and pretend human rights establishments.

Newark, as well as the EU election results will not be the comfort their public faces and pathetic spin suggests. All we, the voters need to do, is hold firm in our understanding of how much is wrong. From mass immigration to the selective, positive discrimination, against pale skinned but historically very successful civilisations.

We have to do this to prevent a reversal of the genocidal colonisation of North America itself. Otherwise we will all be forced onto reservations to make room for the superior culture of Islam. You know, forced marriage and rape of young girls, stoning to death in the name of "honour". Misogyny the guiding light of a new dawn in human relationships.

Is this the future? It is for a Europe run by the present crowd. Not one of them deserving of your vote, even were they to need it. Which, of course, they do not.
Have a great weekend.

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