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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Al Qaeda Republic Of Iraq.

How Wrong Can They Be?

As London squirms under a black cab demonstration, idiotic citizens leave their passport applications to the last minute and then blame Government for failing to wipe their backsides. As hordes of Al Qaeda take over UK schools, Iraq and its oil reserves begin to be taken over by the Fundamentalist armies, now dominating the Middle East.

Watch and marvel as corporate, global government strategists in America and Europe see the abject failure of their arrogant hubris crumble round their ears. A belated and weak,  bordering on pathetic, effort at negotiation limps on. During  the time now passing, in PR and face saving spluttering, the deeply strategic, oil wealthy parts of the Middle East are about to come under military and political control by the Taliban allies of Al Qaeda.

Despite a glaring and obvious need to talk not invade, shown back in this post of 2010, we are still no further forward. Indeed as Iraq is about to fall, so predictably, note how the attacks on Assad, so typically the same as those on Saddam Hussein, are muted. Suddenly the parallels with the Iraq stupidity became apparent.

Putin yet again proven to be the superior statesman, alert to the danger of militant Islamic Fundamentalism and its global ambition. The West's response is utterly stupid and mired in appeasement, pretend superior morality and the idiocy of the playground sycophants sucking up to the misogynistic bullies. 

Our utter uselessness, liberal, bleeding heart Governments have sought only to follow commercial, global interests. An obsession with the belief that corporate and banking world domination could offer a political structure of nepotism and a ruling, untouchable elite. How wrong they were.

Throughout Europe and the USA the Trojan Horses have been embraced and showered with gifts and favouritism. Positive discrimination, as if discrimination of any kind can be positive, the holy grail of enforced multiculturalism. Why the brutal misogyny of these medieval cultures is tolerated, almost with pride, by the left and their ghastly hypocrites, is beyond me. 

Still that which is unfolding in The Middle East, less critical for Obummer with his fracking wealth on stream and his "Brotherhood" in full flow, is going to be a banner advert to the pathetic uselessness of our Foreign Office also rans and the weak, out of depth lack of intellect, rife amongst the occupants of our political institutions. People who believe themselves able to fix global issues yet who can't even fix potholes or run a safe infrastructure, an efficient and reliable energy programme, NHS, or education programme. 

If Merkel believes her ambition for a Europe beholding to and economically enslaved by Germany, is to bear fruit she's also in for a shock, as the Middle East implodes and oil prices soar. I can see her on her knees to Vlad, one day. Not in a Bunga Bunga sense, either. There's an image! As for Ukraine, trumped by Iraq, for sure.

Isn't this an all so obvious outcome, after those two kids, Bliar and Daddy's boy, Bush Junior, fell in love briefly but disastrously. Bliar is a so called Middle East peace envoy. Now that's funny as his work unravels faster than a ladder in a hooker's stockings! Just watch as Iraq joins with Iran, Afghanistan takes over Pakistan and nuclear proliferation rages through the Islamic world.

Unlike our own patsies, their will be zero compunction about lobbing a few choice, real WMD's around. Soon Bliar's lies about such weapons will become fact. All brought about by destabilising the Arab, Muslim world, without one moment's hesitation as to the foolhardiness of the venture. Still, Bliar does have a legacy. The father of the next nuclear holocaust. Those Spanish, Malaga based fortresses of the Saudi Royal families won't be so secure, either! 

There is but one answer, isolate Islamic institutions and offer draconian retaliation. What do we do, instead? Invade, make war and encourage all things Islamic, whilst bombing and bribing the hell out of them for economic avarice. Tragic.

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