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Thursday, 26 June 2014

See No Irony, Speak Nought But Irony, Do nought but Irony!

Ypres Lost To Modern Forces.

I just watched the finest politicians of our modern age stroll through Ypres with a token nod to the fallen of a century before. Led by a Communist German leader, nothing impacted on this group of sycophants, some with their hands in their pockets, most of them unknown outside their own self aggrandisement. Nothing permeated the sense of entitlement. Nothing shifted the expressions of disdainful boredom for those men and women slaughtered by similar characters to themselves. Just as obdurate and self opinionated as those who presided over those dark days.

Worst of all was the sight of Rompuy and Barroso leading the stroll down memory lane. Such irony that two unelected and ghastly civil servants should be given such power to dominate a commemoration to so many who died believing in fighting and dying for principled democracy. Dying for the right to belong to a Nation which cared for self determination and kinship.

Let us not forget these cretinous poseurs in Ypres, today, are the very same morons who presided over and failed to prevent the crash of 2008. The same people who raped their citizens taxes and savings to rescue their pals in the banks and corridors of power.

The whole political Establishment on parade are a horrendous collection of self interested, self opinionated federalists. Totally in thrall to German power and comparative wealth. All of them incapable of understanding the economic howitzers in use today are every bit trained on securing a Federal German Republic across Europe, as were the heavy guns which blasted the trenches of Ypres, 100 years since.

That an Austrian crooked and corrupt piece of work is at the forefront of the latest EUSSR move to force an undemocratic figurehead on the rest of us is also ironic. Another Prussian, spiked helmeted man, about to wreak havoc on behalf of his German cousins. Stranger than fiction indeed! 

Camoron's apparent antipathy to Juncker little more than PR. No doubt behind the scenes there is much smirking at the reactions of the rest of us and the manner of our being so frequently duped.  

My sense of irony is not a lonely one, I'm pleased to say.

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