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Friday, 27 June 2014

New Shock And Awe!

Boom, Boom.

Fascinating development in Iraq. Despite $25 billion allegedly spent on the Iraqi forces training and equipment, their paucity of capability when faced with a rebel insurgence was palpable. If this money wasn't creamed off by all sorts of middle men, CIA chancers and so forth, how come it bought precisely zilch in ability?

So some nifty, behind the scenes horse trading appears to have allowed Vladimir another coupe over Obummer and our tawdry meddlers in Europe. The possible alliances Russia might be able to form with the newly emerging Middle Eastern strategic positioning may well go much further.

Were this to be so and these aircraft may well be just a small but powerful start, then Putin might well gain influence over oil supplies from the region along with his own gas being such a dependency for much of Europe. Then we will see some wringing of hands. 

Add to this the Saudi animosity to Russia and their suspected support for Chechen rebels, one can begin to see why Putin would enjoy a big stake in Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi alliances. If we then consider Chinese requirements for energy and economic global influence, set against an Islamic sympathiser in the White House, at odds with both Russian and Chinese wariness of all things Islamic, for very good reasons, it's looking polarised more and more. 

Now whether the blinkered morons, so lacking over the last twenty years in the West's lack of leadership and intelligence, have had the same awareness they had over the financial collapse of 2008 or not, we are seeing some wretched decisions or lack off, in all of these present affairs. 

Whilst our lot navel gaze over some fifth rate plonker, destined to occupy a useless place at the Brussels trough and gorge an undeserving greed. Strut a la Barroso, a pompous sense of undeserved, pretend power and delusion, that is the title of EUSSR token President, (president, I ask you) the real danger of ever spreading Islamic barbarity and medieval cruelty continues unchecked throughout this ridiculous Union of arrogant fools.

In fairness to Putin, since the once proud people of Europe seem happy to play along and accept the falling apart of a civilisation so costly won, over centuries, in particularl the twentieth, who am I not to respect the actions Russia are now taking to keep back this tide of hard line Islamic effort. One which already has polluted the leftie weaklings governing  in the West.

I'd prefer the music to end this post any day, than the caterwauling pervading the sunrise in so many of Europe's' once church bell pealing dominated towns and cities now polluted, noise and all, by minaret placed loudspeakers calling the "faithful" to Jihad and murder.

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