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Monday, 2 June 2014

More Naming And Shaming Overdue.

Was He A Lone Groper And Pervert?

I doubt very much  this grotesque and pathetic little, spindly legged creep had the ability to practice his perversions without a lot of help. I can only hope that his total qualification to have been the ugliest man in the world gave him grief at some time or another.

However his audiences with royalty, political figures and a celebrity status, more a notorious, underhand vehicle to practice his brutality, had to have had a significant numbers of "fixers". People in high places. Do any of us really believe that these still active in the depravity protected by an Establishment for whom the Public is nought but chattel to be exploited?

An Establishment infiltrated into police ranks at the highest level. PR jailed moguls to manipulate and control the protection shields and Senior Civil Servants able to grant access to child care homes, orphanages and pop star users of this dreadful system.  A system wherein normal, sane, decent sexual behaviour is hijacked in the name of  a perverted bunch of sadistic control needy little morons. People for whom only children can offer them satiation for their less than human freakery.

Cyril Smith, yet again, by some miracle, another untouchable cadaver being used to shield the still living and abusing human detritus. No doubt a big pal of Savile at one time. Look at this catalogue of significant data. Despite a plethora of available information in that link, plod plods on. Whilst this snails pace of an investigation drags towards an inevitable 100 year embargo, as did Dunblane , will tonight's Panorama offer up any hope of exposure?

Even if it does, I guess power and money will combine to suppress any real embarrassments and the abuse will go on as "normal".  What a sick society where these practices are quietly encouraged in high places to help provide "recreation" for people with a pathetic belief in entitlement. People who have the gall to preach dogma and political correctness to the rest of us. A plague on all their houses.


  1. Savile was undoubtedly a despicable sex fiend, but see anna raccoon for solid evidence of how he did few of the things he's been blamed for.

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