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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

It's How It's Done.

Deals Signed In Blood And Barbarity.

Isn't our world a mess right now? As the Chinese Premier is feted in London, we reopen our luxury play pen Embassy in Tehran and make public noises of reconciliation to Iran because all of a sudden it's convenient. Just as, not that long back we armed and befriended Saddam against our new best friends.

This is supposedly the way of things. So called "National interest, which is a euphemism for the money men and their political cohorts. People destined, because this is how it's done, to reap any benefits accruing whilst minions are butchered, maimed and thrown to the dogs pretending to be humans.

This rabid and deeply evil pretense at some weird moral and tribal superiority, endemic and ingrained in the psyche of Arab and African slavish obedience to mythology and nonsensical tenets, is really desperately pathetic. The West can, however is was brought about, claim some semblance of civilised residue out of the capitalist way of living.

Sure there are very unsavoury aspects to the worship of mammon. However the need for a consumer base to service wealth and a modicum of progress in which mass slaughter, jealousy, racism and tribal, inbred hatreds do not result in the kind of genocidal stupidity and sadistic cruelty, witnessed just yesterday.

Men unable to cope with the ghastly blood lust and sadism their inadequacies and mental lack of any understanding of the compassion, taught through Christianity or at least an intelligence to be able to distinguish between right and wrong. A sane ability able to create a better society than any built on manic slavishness to the barbaric abuse of any creature deemed less worthy.

How can, in any shape or form and regardless of who carries it out, atrocity be seen as acceptable? How can the killing of helpless, bound and unarmed people, rape and the torture of children be acceptable? Sadly the moral requirement to stop this nightmare, one prosecuted in the defeat of Nazi Germany, a Nation every bit as guilty of horror as we now witness in The Middle East and Africa. All of it under the banner of Islamic persuasion.

A further aspect of this global mess is also the responsibility of The West's and America's global determination to create a system in which only one creed, that of commercial interest for the few, dominates. Thus National interest is deemed introvert and counter to peaceful dominance and governance. This belief that the long game, with the EUSSR a template, can result in an end to violence and genocide is as wrong as anything being done in the name of internecine Islamic strife.

I doubt there is any answer. The eventual possession of nuclear weapons and the joyful desire to use them, by these fanatics, seems the most likely outcome. Only when remains to be known. The failure of the nuclear deterrent is writ large. How can you stop people for whom the total belief in martyrdom and a special, reserved nirvana of privileged eternity awaits them? Not least if they wipe out 90% or more of their "infidel" competitors, for those eternal pastures.

One could argue that, since their conviction is as it is, our sending them on their way would be welcome. Why not embrace death, by whatever means ,if you value life and that of others as of nought? Indeed could we not suggest these Jihadists all congregate in the desert and call down our best and most devastating weaponry?

By their twisted logic we would be doing they a favour. Leaving we infidels to settle down to our short but more secure and possibly better life than would await our disbarment from their paradise. Of course if the Christian taught way for human beings to coexist also brings a life hereafter, in a paradise reserved for repentant sinners, then we could have the best of, literally both worlds.

One thing we all really do share is our mortality. Death has no fear, only its manner of arrival. Thus terror remains as potent to us all and has no selectivity. Those poor people murdered by this scum and beamed round the world, I pray, have been martyred to any cause but that followed by their killers. Islam is really the face of inhumanity. Crushing it, by whatever means, is our only hope. Time is not on our side.

Notwithstanding the Chinese and Russian human rights history, their stance, where Islam is concerned, does offer us a rampart. Long may that continue. If trading with these giants helps, so be it. Rather they than ISIS mad men.  

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