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Monday, 23 June 2014

Iraq And Syria, Unanswered Questions.

As Ever.

Coming to a European street near you soon.

Our lot used to arm and equip Saddam to assist in giving Iran a kicking. Then we turned on Saddam to bolster mad men's hubristic stupidity, vanity and avaricious greed for oil and power. After Saddam was toppled our lot told us we had created a superb, well trained, Iraqi police and armed force. Whilst, at the same time funding the most ghastly corruption every bit as bad, indeed worse, than anything gone before.

We then attempted to replicate this twisted hypocrisy in Afghanistan. Even to the extent of providing weaponry soon, as in Iraq, to be secured by the Taliban, with the same relish shown by the Sunnis and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Presumably the rebels against Assad having been assisted directly or indirectly by western arms suppliers and dealers. Let us not forget this is the Taliban we quietly helped push the Russians, at great cost, out of Kabul.

As for the identical mess left in Libya. Note the manner of Gaddafi's murder. Likely at the hands of the CIA. Poor sod, even if deserving, hardly enhances our moral cause. So there is seemingly a pattern here. One, even if conceived as a perceived good idea, has gone badly wrong.

Not only have we justifiably to witness our cretinous failures in The West, still hell bent on an EUSSR dictatorship, by Vladimir but now China is putting its twopence worth in. So, Camoron, Milibad, Obummer here's the one big unanswered question, why are you and your predecessors so blindingly and spectacularly useless? 

Your platitudes, your lies about "legacies" and deluded self importance, your manipulative PR unconcerned about truth or decency have brought a dangerous, unsettled world. Your pathetic response, more of the same. You are soaked in blood and likely to drown in that of your citizens when your Europe goes the way of those you have already stirred up.

A hateful Establishment of sycophants, self obsessed, untruthful and utterly undemocratic people, hellbent on a new Europe wide dictatorship. One in the image of their total successes we see so boldly accomplished in the rest of the World. Particularly The Middle East. We can but hope it takes a while to witness.

In the meantime our Covenant goes unfulfilled. Where's the rhetoric now, Prime Minister?

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