Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 6 June 2014

D Day Betrayed.

Still Very Poignant.

That for which millions died is now a world far worse than ever before. As for Merkel, why did she choose to represent the Nation responsible for all that carnage and murder?


  1. Merkel is an East German. It seems they were told by their Russian masters that Britain started the war. Never quite understood that as we were on the same side!

  2. D Day Betrayed - From various websites that I trawl around there seem to be a lot of Americans who are now saying that things would be much better if we had rolled over and let the Germans carry on taking all before. Their argument being that Europe would not now be suffering the current 'problems'. Some express deep regrets that they had come in on the wrong side

    History is re-written so often these days who knows.....

  3. Dioclese, fascinating that. Merkel presumably believes we ran the camps andovens, too.
    Pat, American wealthy and governing class see morality only in dollar signs, methinks.