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Friday, 13 June 2014


I Think Not.

Wherever we look and violent conflict is current, the dead hand of weak, failed Western influence is apparent. The clumsy and stupid EUSSR stirring of Ukraine, with much shoving to the fore by Obummer's lot, has destabilised and unsettled hitherto rubbing along by the various factions and allegiances.

The decision to aid the Syrian rebels was as big a mistake as the removal of Saddam. Now we need to, at least on the quiet, be apologising to Assad and trying to make reparation for that gross error of backing the wrong side. One might say Putin 2-0 up in the global diplomatic judgements to be made at this point. 

Now for the "coincidence". The West, struggling with a disinterested incumbent in the White House and a clumsy, at best, President where all things Islamic are concerned, faces a complete breakdown of the Iraq, bequeathed by the regime change by Bliar and Bush. The usual habit of installing despotic, corrupt regimes  and accepting any criminality by those rulers, providing they dance the CIA Corporate waltz, is blowing up in our faces.

All of this turmoil has come about as Obummer has failed to grasp the consequences of recent and now clear and present danger. It is my belief that the impotence in Ukraine was an awaited scenario for the similar action now unfolding in Iraq. Crimea was a gift to Russia, now to be replicated by the fall of Iraq to Fundamentalists. Much of this forecast by Russia.

As was the debacle of Afghanistan. Before we know it Iraq and Afghanistan will become strongholds for Al Qaeda style forces and training grounds on a scale far greater than before the heavy handed, useless attacks by the West. I have for several years decried that ridiculous phrase, "keeping our streets safe", as a pathetic excuse for peeing billions of dollars and pounds we never had, up the wall.

Don't, however expect any accountability by those at the forefront of all this terribly dangerous and world threatening calamity. Regardless of the collapse of our lives, savings and lives, the ruling classes will remain wealthy and untouchable. At least until the nukes start flying. Scant satisfaction in that, though.

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