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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Class And Race.

Nothing In The Queen's Speech Of Relevance.

A human trait across all races is probably dominated by Darwin's theory of natural selection. So in order to determine the fittest, labels and genetic, as well as racial issues, are a possible unconscious manner in which judgement of suitability for survival chances come into play.

The foregoing might well touch on the often rational fears by indigenous populations as to their own future survival as races and populations. Instead of addressing such concerns, so called "leaders", perhaps looking to preserve their own future existences, ignore any serious effort to act. So any border control initiatives, EU failings and peoples' genuine wishes, are ignored.

Now credit where credit is due. The post Labour horrendous economic collapse and useless roof protection years left a scorched earth, vindictive legacy. The real depth of socialist nastiness revealed in all its glory. Topped by that spiteful little man, Liam Byrne, there's no money left. So just four years on, despite dreadful borrowing needs, the turnaround is nothing short of miraculous.

However this running sore of immigration and the EUSSR ability to impose all sorts of desperate measures on our crowded lands remains a painful abscess. As if we didn't have already our own underclass of chancers and idlers. The massive number of indigenous neanderthals has always given us a class to be feared in its ignorance and propensity to violence. Jeremy Kyle makes a generous living from these people.

Benefit Street also highlighted where our abject failure as a Nation has led us. Our already difficult to find use for underclass swollen with a swathe of similar background deserters from across the Globe and much of Eastern Europe. We haven't even touched of the UK class system. 

One still in evidence in our housing distribution. A circle in which the old housing stock becomes occupied by incoming, poverty ridden immigrants, allowing the earlier occupants to lay waste to newer but quickly wrecked housing. All the time these losers in Darwin's well proven theories are given credibility by idiots desperate for their vote. 

How many people noted the frequent contradiction of a sumptuous Queen's speech promising greater equality across society, delivered by a Monarch trapped in a very gilded cage. A woman immune to the horrors to be found in ghettos and sink estates across the Nation. The same immunity afforded the politicians responsible. 

It really is a ghastly way for any creature to exist. A place on earth where only cunning, dishonesty, cruelty and the subjugation of underclasses, works. It is very likely those in power and part of the privileged top dogs in charge care little for the vast majority deemed or actually part of an underclass. One and one only answer to any fairer society lies in numbers.

The debates are legion. Only one way any Country or society should seek to create prosperity, fairness and security of survival is by nurturing its own status and population. To attempt such a policy on a global scale is impossible. Unfortunately this fact escapes those wanting a global commercial theme park. Thus anyone unable to afford admission get little chance of survival. Unless, naturally, they can get into a society led by leaders unaware of the consequences of such migration.

Still, Ed Milibad seems to believe all 70 odd million of us can be as rich as his Front Benchers and himself. Especially if all those economic migrants, by their millions, vote Labour. Lord preserve us and let Darwin get us by! As is so often said, "breeding will out".

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