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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Childish Beyond Belief.

Heads Of Playgroup Rather Than State.

I caught a brief snippet pf Obummer's endless rhetoric today. The moron was spouting about the economic success and wondrous nature of Europe! Not a clue someone had set him up. That must be the case how else could he have got it so wrong. Furthermore he then blathered on about Europe being happy to forego Russian energy and band together against his bete noir, Vlad.

Then next up was Boy Dave. Very chipper for some reason. Maybe his stand against the ghastly and vainglorious Juncker might be looking successful. He also has the economic UK comparative success to flaunt. Certainly one a decade or more ahead of the wretched Eurozone. A basket case economy weighted down by hubris and dogma.

Merkel was playing her usual matronly and just ever so slightly superior Germanic approach. Whilst the dead man walking Hollande was being ever so friendly and subservient. Behaviour of a guy ho[ping to gain a big EU office. His qualification to be that of a colossal failure in the mode of Kinnock and the rest of those blessed with EU beneficence.

It is all so predictable  in its banality. Europe is on the skids. It may take past my lifetime but fail it will. Not least while trying to make a successful and brilliant Russian leader less able than the gang in the other playground.

Back to Obummer. Now new best friends with the Taliban. Leader of the free world he's supposed to be. For Oldrightie, if it walks like, looks like, talks like and acts like, it is a duck!  Watch this space.

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