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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bliar's Lamentable Legacy.

Still Manically Deluded And Unaccountable.

When you're a really mega political star you get to lie, re-write history and get to choose your despots to cuddle. Particularly when their pay rates are much greater than other despots. In the midst of the present medieval and barbaric furore, death and destruction, this maniac, guilty by his own admission that Saddam's removal was the real purpose of the awfulness of 2003, struts his endless hours on the stage. (to paraphrase Macbeth.)

Whilst Bliar and his cohorts, including all of the present Western leaders, wring their hands, nothing of the hidden agendas are alluded to. Such as regime change and puppet installation of favoured sons and daughters wherever influence and power is seen to reside.

Behind all the talk and PR grandstanding, not least by the quite ridiculous and deluded Bliar, the unspoken reality is that our so called interests are not for the people and their lives. It is all about globalisation. Note the total absence of any mention of oil riches for which The Middle East represents so much of Western economic dependency.

The Syrian civil war, despite the very small oil output, has ostensibly destabilised this cradle of The West's oil supply. Naturally Al Qaeda, years and years ago, knew the global economic dominance of Western bankers, American corporate ambition and the unholy alliances with gangsters and politicians, was dependent on friendly oil supplying regimes in The Middle East. Such as the Saudi Royal Family.

Bliar's seduction by Gadaffi, America's arming and support of Saddam against Iran, in the past, were all convenient alliances, devoid of all the pretend moral arrogance we are witnessing from Bliar, today. Not one even faint glimmer that 2003, not the ignition of 9/11, was the catalyst for today's catastrophe. Bush and 
Bliar reacted just as Bin Laden expected.

Bliar's suggestion of military intervention, once more in Iraq and now Syria, is seemingly his only bow string. That this string is frayed beyond any use doesn't cause one glimmer of understanding. That of how stupid repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome proves his own madness. Note the pillock didn't mention the abject failure of the Afghan intervention, about to become very apparent.

To compound all this globalisation failure, mass immigration and the promotion of Islamic status, over all other, has added to the provision of thousands of Jihadists willingly installed, in their millions, throughout the West. This a deliberate ploy to water down National interests, seen as stumbling blocks to a global, corporate World.

I loathe the barbarity, sectarian internecine cruelty and the overt use of violence to pursue dominance over others. Unfortunately this is part of human nature, which took  two world wars to calm down. Yet was subsequently and disastrously believed capable of being modified, in every corner of our planet, through the less than subtle creep of and imposition of Western Capitalism. I actually found myself today, shock horror, agreeing with Porky Prescott!

That Bliar like political and corporate greed should go unchecked and the exploitation of a region's black gold riches be quietly accepted by the factions representing different sectors of those societies, was always naive and hubristic. 

Let's get real. The struggle for dominance in the Middle East is little more than the failure of Western powers to be able to still buy off potentates and encourage the constant supply of oil and thus wealth to those holding power. This talk by Bliar and Camoron, of "National Interest", is insulting. Put Bliar back in his luxurious padded cell.

He's just representing his banking paymasters who fear the loss of their ill gotten deposits, held in bloodstained vaults. Bliar is required to persuade politicians to wage war in defense of his cronies welfare and riches and for we ordinary folk to stump up the sacrificial lambs already maimed and killed in their thousands.

To rub salt in our wounds, we also have to pay for the honour of defending these wealthy and secretive power mongers. All the time paying for their bodyguards, luxury jets and palaces. This megalomania of Bliar's is but a reflection of the rest of our erstwhile leaders, from Obummer to Angela "Merkin" Merkel. Agents of banks and corporations, not of the rest of us. As with Ukraine, nothing is as we are told.

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