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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Glimmer Of Hope.

The Demise Of The EUSSR.

Raedwald puts the climate better than myself but inspired me to make observations. The EU is a deliberately, methodically and engineered creation. It is not a natural, evolving entity but nothing less than empire building by stealth.

To this end natural forces and human nature will eventually come to the fore. As, already witnessed in Greece, the unfairness of social and economic engineering, lumping one central State, Germany, with the major financial cost of trying to hold it all together will cause it to implode.

As with all empirical ambitions, throughout history, the hubris and what powerful intention can be harnessed, ends up mired in corruption, decadence and ultimately destruction. The only questions unanswerable, other than with hindsight, are the consequences, the damage done and the lives ruined.

Generally some heads roll at the top, as in the French revolution but many, such as the old Soviet Union oligarchs manage to scarper with billions raped from the misery of their own fellow citizens. So seeing the EU fall, as it will, may well be bitter sweet when the Rompuy and Barroso like cadre still enjoy the trappings of empire.

Nevertheless, the EU's failure will be probably seen to have begun with its interfering expansionism in Ukraine. Tweaking rather stupidly the Russian Bear's pipeline tail! Add to the natural desire of other States to have dominion over their own resources, from crops to energy reserves, the impossibility of this unholy EUSSR lasting becomes every bit as apparent as Raedwald points out.

The UK's withdrawal will certainly have a domino effect. The formation of a new trading bloc, unhampered by the enormous and wasteful costs of the monolithic, Brussels waste machine and endemic corruption, then a foregone conclusion. Then the books will become legion on the rise and fall of a bureaucratic rather than military empire. Can't wait!


  1. Oh I do hope so! Can't wait.

  2. Now Austria has ignored the EU and signed a gas pipeline deal with Russia, the beginning of the end is in sight. The failing USA/EU attempt to grab Ukraine may well turn out to be the turning point - hooray!