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Thursday, 1 May 2014

You Would Hardly Know It.

There Is A Big Election Coming Up.

The secrecy of the EUSSR appears to match their ability to hide their dirty laundry with by keeping very subdued the occasion of their four yearly masquerade of democratic elections. I suspect the counter productive attacks on anti European parties is one reason for the lack of fanfare.

The BBC even gave a couple of minor presenters today a miniature EUSSR flag to hold. A rather tellingly embarrassing and self conscious  gesture which only lacked a quiet humming of the "Ode to Joyless" music in the background. These two guys were meant to give a balanced report on Polish and Portuguese life under the EUSSR yoke. Instead it told us of the blitzkrieg of bribes money poured into the former and the draconian economic pressure poured on the latter. The failings of both efforts not even touched on, naturally.

Now we also have the front page news of Gerry Adams chronic propensity to wield orders to kill and slaughter innocents, paraded today, allegedly. I expected the Establishment onslaught against UKIP's racist non-credentials to be the lead story. Thanks for popping by Gerry and hiding our withdrawal, at least temporarily, from that initiative.

Indeed, apart from the stupid attempts to label Farage afeard of standing at Newark, UKIP hasn't been as prominent today. If, as is likely, Mercer's standing down was bought by cross party deviousness, to lure Nige away from his ever increasing popularity, they failed again

I do feel a sense of satisfaction at what seems to be such a united, National dislike of the Westminster/London Establishment and a powerful disillusionment with the LibLabCon buffoons. If, as looks ever more possible, UKIP trounce the lot of them at the end of May then they will have only their self serving smugness, decades of incompetence and years of illegal war mongering to blame.

The lack of appetite to go after Assad in Syria was a sign of discontented people power. One now growing into a significant potential bloody nose for the three incumbent but unwanted lot in power. 

Red Ed was banging on today with his rotting corpse charisma and nasally burnt, coke head sounding delivery. Add to that his award winning gurning lips and boy does he reflect pathetically all that is so awful about our front men of this discredited governance.

Nope, it is said a change is as good as a rest. Let's hope that will be the case with UKIP!

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  1. Give Mercer his due. He said he was ashamed, apologised and resigned. I suppose there's a sort of honour in that. Don't see much of that lately...