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Friday, 23 May 2014


Shame It's First Past The Post.

As the day unfolds and the Establishment, via the PBC and Dimbledum, scratch around to diminish the unfolding and potentially historic day, it just gets better to watch. Popcorn sales soaring with the UKIP results.

The established, London centered usual suspects are wittering the same old responses. Look under this dung heap and see how well we did there, check out the sewerage in London, well up! "Ifs" abound, flying in the face of reality and lessons unlearnt. Tired old arguments, twisted, irrelevant statistics failing to dampen the peoples' voices. Wonderful.

The fidgety "nothing to see here" and the false bonhomie and smiles are, unusually forced and the slightly nervous smiles give the "tells" that this is a wake up call for the Establishment but one too late as  begins to creep up from the toes! As for the mixed metaphor, who cares on a day like today.

One staggering piece of evidence of Labours' gerrymandering, nose rubbing multi cultural social engineering and mass immigration policy, is that so many migrants have settled in London that, surprise surprise, they haven't voted for any Party wishing to contain the benefit tourism, gangsterism, child sex grooming, NHS freeloading and the whole panoply Labour decided was to be the UK of the future.
Sharia law and independence for Londonistan won't be far off.

Also refreshing is Farage's pleased but not smug reaction. As for Milibad speaking of deep discontent in the Country, not one milligram of understanding of his and his Party's role in destroying any faith in his and the Establishments total dismissive stance of anyone not convinced as to their fitness for Government. 

Decades of vilification of conservative, self reliance of the individual with compassion for the weak and less fortunate and the labelling of endemic common sense as racist or homophobic, has failed.  

As for the Cobbleition, with the economic base from which they came to power, to pull us upwards was not too difficult. They have still failed to cap immigration, especially from the EUSSR, since that is outside their remit. hey have also failed to reduce Government spending and waste. Our debt is still colossal and rising by the second. 

When, as I post, we have clowns such as Bruce. At least Javid is doing better but not good enough on Europe and immigration. Further lessons and getting it gone AWOL!

Well, the people have voted. The local results are massively in UKIP's favour and the EUSSR voting results on Sunday may yet see a first place for UKIP. If this comes to pass then the foundations are laid with the council results a first layer of new bricks. Since the EUSSR will dig in and get very cross with us all not bowing down to their will, the ambiance of today and Sunday may give us a powerful presence in Brussels and a substantial block against the undemocratic Commission's careless, corrupt, criminality. 

I shan't have a drink on this position until Sunday. If, as expected, it is an outright win for UKIP, I shall raise a glass or two! Must dash, that pillar of the best that is Labour, Harriet "my hubby's not gay" Harman's about to pronounce how great her Party has done in Londonistan!

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