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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Why Do They Trot Out Drivel Every Time?

Because Of Smug Stupidity.

The usual chatterati were in full flow this Sunday morning. As they  all were, as ever, afternoon on Friday. Whatever the statistical nuances and wringing of hands going on, one thing stands out. The banal sameness of the excuses, the same old, same old failed faces. How brain dead do you have to be when UKIP, a Party wishing to control mass immigration, doesn't do well, guess where, places dominated by immigrants? People with families and "pals" to find places to live for, medical care to exploit  and benefits to plunder.

Just to rub salt into our wounds, the Harriet Harman "golden", Union pairing of Labour were all over Marr and elsewhere, with admirer of gay porn "favouriting" tweets , Jack Dromey, aka Mr Harperson, hogging the Midlands political slot on The Sunday Politics. Slip of the finger, apparently. Of course it was, Harriet didn't seem to be bothered where his fingers slipped.

Then we had Eric "Big Man" Pickles, Theresa May and back stabbing loser, Eerie Lembit Op'r'ick on parade. All the talk was of, never mind, nothing to see here, move on. Lessons must be learnt, as to why this UKIP popularity has arisen and find underhand, devious, nasty means, to keep us firmly in power and riches'. Not lessons in Public Service and security, happiness and contentment, for the population.

No lessons on providing priority in the NHS for those who have been paying for it for generations. No lessons in preventing the outrageous racism against the endemic, white populace. Heaven forbid the majority should hold sway in a democracy. That really won't do. We'll have no truck with any black and white minstrels, thank you very much.

Push the dogma coloured people can't be racist, groom young girls for sex, practice FGM and a myriad of barbaric other voodoo mutilations, once foreign to our shores. Plenty of lessons aren't there? Not one which has a chance of any proper learning by those nodding it all through. We needn't touch on the cover ups, illegal warmongering, rendition for torture, need we?

Not one note of contrition over the mess decades of their clap trap, holier than thou, know all aloofness and secrecy for its own sake, has brought those of us only required to pay for it all. There has been the odd, not really serious mention of the anger their utter inability to do their job of governing for us, not themselves, has been touched on.

All three leaders, Milibad, Clegg the Common Market Crook and Smoothie, cast iron, Dave, have denied totally any responsibility for perpetuating the Establishment's never ending lack of public service ethos or once renowned, so long ago now, adherence to standards and morality.

The one aspect of our daily lives, still totally off the radar, for those who have enabled mass immigration to destroy our services, through overwhelming, unworkable numbers, remains inviolable for our present political and Establishment crowd. Why should they be bothered anyway.

Those responsible for creating waiting lists, which are becoming ever longer and allowing hundreds of thousands to languish in pain and agony, for surgery, doesn't affect our self appointed elites. Their biggest problems are where to place, in safe Parliamentary seats, their sons or daughters, husbands or wives. or which private hospital to use. They have no qualms about the rest of the Nation.

So, as the anger is expressed, these past few days, there is no deep seated anxiety
whatsoever, regardless of any election results, as to the superior and elevated status of the rotten core of EU and Westminster existence will be affected. All the hot air is pure PR rubbish, used to hide the reality of our enslavement.

I still remain just slightly optimistic this self centered arrogance and the deluded adherence to an agreed fictional collusion, might get rattled. However when I see the likes of Skinner playing his theatrical Commons attitude and pretend friend of the "working classes". Plus the complete, ineffectual nature of all of them to represent anyone but themselves, my hope, even with great results at the ballot box, struggles to spring at all, let alone eternal.

Mind you, I shall be glued to tonight's results! You never know, maybe the good kicking necessary might happen.


  1. Oh I do hope so OR, I do hope so....

  2. Concerning the NHS, I have often wondered how many of this elite (and their families use the NHS or do they all go 'private' ? Are there any figures anywhere ?

    PS I do love your blogs. Help keep me sane !

  3. Anons keep me blogging! Thank you most sincerely.