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Monday, 19 May 2014

When This Passes As Logic....

We're Really Screwed.

On Sky news this morning some heavily accented woman of indeterminate origin was trotted forth to comment on the terrible fact that "immigration" was a major concern for most of the people crowded into these small Islands. Her mighty intellect made the following comment;

"We should not be dwelling on immigration but the more serious problems affecting the UK. Such as The NHS, education, housing".

So the overcrowding, causing huge pressure on our resources and infrastructure break down,  this lightweight had zero awareness of that very unsustainable  growth in the population caused by mass immigration is irrelevant. It really is astounding that such people get a hearing, when the majority viewpoint  is forced and castigated into silence! What a nightmare which will eventually end in tears.


  1. If she has a problem with our housing, the NHS and education, she has the option of going back where she came from.

  2. No chance, she's on the gravy train of martyrdom migrant status.

  3. It makes my blood boil when I hear those comments, do these idiots really believe what their saying, or are they part of an evil conspiracy to keep us finding out that the EU is to blame for all of this.
    Well our day will come, meanwhile what happens on the 1st November needs to be addressed, but not a word from all forms of communication about a further assult on our freedom, except the Internet of course. No wonder they want to control it.