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Friday, 2 May 2014

Unmitigated Disaster.

Is Obummer Deranged?

I often remark that what we are all allowed to know of our governance is highly controlled and we really don't know much of what is done in our names behind the scenes. For example was Patrick Mercer persuaded to resign on the promise of a later peerage and in order to try and trap Farage and lure him away from the EU election trail? Or who are being protected in Establishment circles from being exposed as heinous paedophiles? I suspect the list is endless.

Even more horrendous are the decisions made over unwarranted meddling in other Nations' affairs. Look at Iraq, now swarming with Al Qaeda and soon to have their old allies,The Taliban, running Afghanistan once more. Libya a bandit country mired in old tribal conflict and Syria, destabilised by the West but then left to stew in the same old Islamic Sunni and Shiite medieval strife and barbarity.

As if all this is not enough to ruin millions of lives and threaten human existence altogether, The EUSSR club decided, with Obummer's connivance, to set up their military stall, disguised as EU membership but just a cover for NATO expansionism, on Russia's doorstep. 

The idiots brought about insurgency and destabilisation in Kiev, applauded the overthrow of a democratically elected President and gave us the unedifying picture of Ashton hugging Tymoshenko. A woman with a very dubious past and part of her native land's endemic history of corruption in high places.

One has to ask what on earth has been going on that we have all been so very "mushroomed" indeed. One minute all seemed fairly normal in Ukraine, then suddenly world war three enters the debate. A ten year old child might well have realised that this latest bungling incompetence, by a crowd of global government dreamers, would never work.

Now helicopters are being blasted out the sky, troops are playing the same games on their own countrymen in a manner condemned in Syria but orchestrated in Ukraine and the mess is rapidly getting out of hand. If I didn't know any better I would think it's all deliberate in order to cover up some even more horrific goings on we have yet to learn about. Time will tell.

One thing we should all not forget, come the EU election day, is what a frightening piece of EUSSR meddling in Kiev the unelected Ashton crowd have perpetrated, under their puppet master, Obummer. A guy reportedly close to divorce, useless at his job, a global let down after his beatification and possibly losing his marbles.

If this is a glimpse of the future EUSSR/USA establishment collusion, we have even greater cause to p**s on their parade come the 22nd of this month. Just as people power stopped the idiots going into Syria. Sad as that awful civil war is, why would our lot then stir up Ukraine? Whatever, a bloody nose to the smug gang in power is long overdue.

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