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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Turkey And Ukraine.

Similarities Emerging.

Turkish unhappiness with their Government remains very much in evidence. However, unlike most of Ukraine, the people are angry with a Government and Leader loved and adored as a fellow traveler by the crooks in Brussels. So the water cannon aimed at protesters today, by a force very much aligned with  
EU bully boy gendarmerie , gets little, or I should say zero, mention back at HQ.

So here is a betrothed political class in Turkey, salivating at the riches on offer for their subservience, clobbering their citizens with water cannon, just for fun or as an exercise to be trailed operationally throughout Europe, as the Brussels gestapo get ever more rumbled by an increasingly unsettled populace. I guess Ukraine is a reflection on how the rest of Europe will become, as minorities gain control day by day. As with Kosovo, so Ukraine, I suppose.

 So training in the use of water cannon is to be welcomed in Istanbul and Ankara but not in Kiev. That overthrow of an elected government was just tickety boo, according to the hypocrisy bible, or Koran, by which Brussels and Berlin abide. If not so dangerous it really would be hilarious.

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