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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday Observer.

Me, Not The Left Wing Mouthpiece!

For various reasons I observed sections of PBC's Sunday Politics interspersed with the more easy on the eye and ear, Sky's Murnaghan. Rug Head Neil's owning of that whimper from the recent past of Labour's disastrous government, we Dougie Alexander, was contrasted by his attempt to do the same to Nige "man of the people and hour" Farage. I really think I might sign up as a member despite my staunch love of the old Conservative values.

Values portrayed by that ghastly Labour political broadcast as their imaginary and envy fuelled dogma so stench ridden of Labour pretensions to be more than Union lackeys. That not withstanding, the wee Scots child fidgeted and whinged his way through a car crash of an appearance and Neil, credit where credit is due, gave him a deserved kicking.

Also evident on both programmes was the palpable fear now gripping the Established Parties of the modern day. Whenever UKIP was mentioned Alexander appeared to have a toilet malfunction, as had "Dave" on the earlier Marr programme. Whatever the outcome of this EUSSR farce of electing a powerless and unnecessary gravy train of a Parliament, if, as expected, Europe wide, people go for right wing and dominant common sense representatives, the Establishment will have several uncomfortable, even fatal, years to come.

Then came Rug Head versus Nige. What joy. Farage was ferocious in exposing the interviewer's pathetic misrepresentations and dubious factual utterances. Ruggy shouted on about a video clip of some manufactured non-PC utterances from UKIP but when challenged, there was no attempt to show the evidence.. Normally the clip would be shown and then debated! Such underhand but now recognised bias.

Changing tack, our Scottish wannabee bruiser tried that LibLabCon joint effort, made last week, to trap Nige into diverting his attention, from the EU farcical election, with the bait set in Mercer's resignation from Newark. Camoron called the UKIP leader "frit" and the media also attempted, even today, to make this stick. How weak and ridiculous this smearing effort is becoming. All from the Snotty "Mrs Duffy" manual, "What we in power really believe our serfs are about".

So much of the personal, playground name calling by the Establishment has become really infantile. Albeit with a very nasty side indeed. Ruggy's last try at making something stick, as a sign of weak character in Farage, was his mention of the UKIP leader having to employ bodyguards. As if all the other bunch don't. Nige struck back beautifully as to why this had become necessary.

It was down to the hard Left's and Labour's thugs, employed to chase UKIP's leader down and create snarling, despicable, violent expressions of hatred. Those to be then edited as reasonable protest against the other side's thuggery credentials by transference. Much as is done against the EDL rallies.

Farage was incisive in that riposte and Ruggy was left floundering as to how the attempted smear rebounded on his beloved Labour chums. Don't be fooled by Neil's apparent attacks on Labour representatives. That's all staged and meant to elicit sympathy for the supposed victims, whilst really pushing his, Ruggy's, bosses lefty bias.

One final observation was that gross wrinkly, John Seargent, on Murnaghan. Challenged as to the desirability of a PBC Director General being a woman, our "twinkle toes" was most apoplectic! I got a whiff of vaulting ambition there! He is certainly eminently well qualified for the post if aged, fat cat smugness is a required credential. Watch this space as another closet misogynist, spurned by beautiful women, on natural selection grounds, seeks to scramble to the level of his own inadequacy!


  1. You will be aligning yourself with liars, no better than the rest of them:
    Yesterday morning, Nigel Farage said this on the BBC's Sunday Politics:
    "Sadly we have a couple of organisations out there headed up by senior Labour Party figures, who purport to be against fascism and extremism, who receive funding from the Department of Communities, who receive funding from the trade unions, who have acted in a violent way more than once."

    He was talking about HOPE not hate.

    Hope not Hate is not
    aligned to any UK political party.
    HOPE not hate is a mainstream organisation which fights against racism and extremism. We are not aligned to any political party. In fact, we will work with anyone to defeat racism and intolerance.

    2. We do not, nor will we ever, condone violence on any level.
    HOPE not hate supporters have not attacked or disrupted any UKIP meetings, nor would we ever encourage our supporters to hold protests outside of them. This is a lie from Farage, designed to detract from the growing number of extremists being exposed in his party.

    3. We are not government funded.
    Three years ago our charitable arm (we have a charitable arm and a separate campaigning arm), received a grant for £60,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government to undertake anti-racist community work in four areas of the country. This was a one-year project of which we are enormously proud. It ended in 2012 and since then we have received no public money.

  2. Anon, doesn't sound too good a signal of hope to other than PC leftard supporters, terrified of the majority say having the democratic sway. Nor does the Anon wall hidden behind.
    So who from the left has been attacking Farage? Guaranteed they use the UAF procedures manual.
    Anon, doesn't sound too good a signal of hope to other than PC leftard supporters, terrified of the majority say having the democratic sway. Nor does the Anon wall hidden behind.

  3. Your comment is hard to follow OR.
    The link you give is a vile pathetic compilation by a sick mind -are you saying it is a rebuttal?

  4. "Your comment is hard to follow."
    The odd gremlin popped by.
    However the edited version does require an understanding of English not seen post Labour comprehensive education failed experiment. Blair's words, not mine.
    As for the link. Vile is not the adjective best employed. It's just another opinion.

    Naturally the moral superiority you pretend to hold you will automatically, as all left wing dogma besotted dupes do, regard as having greater efficacy.
    Regardless of your stance, the lot of hordes of immigrants in the UK is only better, marginally, compared to the slums and dictatorships they are fleeing. The main consequence is a Nation blighted for 90% of inhabitants and getting ever worse by the second. Fear, not hope or hate, is the dominating factor.

  5. Sorry my education falls below the required standard to follow your posts, OR. Must be due to my attendance at a rather pathetic grammar school during Conservative government years. Never mind, I will trouble you no more (but perhaps you prefer to have any comments, even if negative, as the 'Yes' men and women who used to respond seem to have deserted you).
    Carry on muck-raking and wallowing in the mire of such websites you defend.

  6. Anon, you are always welcome to post. For me blogging is just about a release, a vehicle to express my thoughts and feelings. I have not defended or wallowed in any mire, as you put it. Just proffered an alternative view as to your position and perceptions not being superior to any other. The problem with any moral high ground is how few of us, myself included, ever have the qualifications to occupy such desirable positions.
    As for my "deserters", I rub along well enough with my page views, thank you!
    Please drop by again.

  7. You mentioned rebuttals, here is another one.

  8. At least that website was literate!
    I am back just to leave you with a poem which resonates with me, maybe it does with you too - apart from 'mustn't grumble'!


    The economic liberals
    Prescribe their fatal medicine
    To those whose thick is always thin
    Who’d like to hang them by their balls.

    Was there a time when this was not
    The bloody awful sum of things?
    A song your mother liked to sing before she too forgot?

    These days you are tired of pain,
    Especially that of others.
    The news is bad, the weather worse.
    The world is all there is, plus rain.

    The hurt barbarians embark
    For sympathetic tax regimes
    While bigots relish new extremes
    And nutters haunt the flooded park.

    Someone somewhere is to blame.
    You nurture your suspicion.
    The seas are dead. The stars are down.
    You mustn’t grumble, all the same.

  9. Love the poem but still wish to grumble some of the time.