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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Slavery And Race.

Is The Slave Trade Only Bad When Practiced By White Traders?

This filth and excuse for a human being has easily discovered a new business venture. One with which the cudgel of racist guilt has deemed the most heinous of trade but seemingly only if carried out by traders long gone from the scene.

I argue that such was the outcry of Christian condemnation and growing awareness, centered on Britain, this trade was eventually eradicated. At least until recent mass immigration and attendant, gangster led trafficking for sex has resurrected such vile business.

As for our Establishment. The clown in the link is but one of hundreds of thousands, indeed millions of crooks, despots and scum who now see this soft underbelly of Western political appeasement as a milch cow. 

I say this based on the mealy mouthed Hague the Vague. Clueless as to the poverty of intellects over Ukraine and happy to divert attention from this unfolding debacle as to mention this Nigerian medieval nightmare of savages and their attitudes to life and death. Men steeped in a misogyny which trumps the whimpering socialists' fear of so called racism.

Like paedophilia, this matter of child abuse nastiness by gurning apes, scrub that, apes are far better creatures than these progeny of African inbreds, is a nastiness we are all to pay for. Our Will has realised that here we have a bandwagon we can pass off as humanitarian conscience and get round the drinking dens and slums to buy back these poor young girls.

The irony of this will pass our Establishment by. However any ransom cobbled together or paid, weapons changed hands and back hand deals done, the outcome will still be these poor kids being sold, in all but name. 

So in order to polish our idiots in power's humanitarian credentials we will step in, with money we do not have and a another mortgage debt we can't ever repay to actually encourage slavery as a viable, lucrative trade. Of course, since the traders are African, indigenous, gentlemen of colour, it's all quite acceptable. 

Now that's something to ponder when they run out of young, black kids to supply. Then we can expect the African traders to muscle in on our Asian, EU based traffickers and groomers. Albeit will our EU homegrown children be as sought after as their African counterparts? All seems very 13th century, doesn't it! Yet this appears to be the New World Order for global trade and politics. Not too savoury, though.

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