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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pardon Us, Ma'm.

We Failures in Power Need Pardons For Brutal Killers.

I have always believed that artificial constructs, masquerading as newly created nations or political unions, are likely to flounder when trying to manufacture any sense of loyalty. Add to this the impossible task of trying to coerce individual "tribes" to show love and trust to these enforced circumstances and the recipe for violence is complete.

We are witnessing this in the EUSSR and how it has brought about the disaster unfolding in Ukraine. In similar vein we have our own history in subjugation writ large in Northern Ireland. What then occurs is a descent into barbaric strife and a breakdown in any sense of humanity.

So on the third day of questioning that monster Adams, his bestest mate McGuiness whines on about it all being so terribly unfair. This a man who has taken part in and lauded the most horrific acts ever men are capable of. Not least this ghastly act.

So as we learn, these past few hours, of Maj signing thousands of pardons long into the night and personally entertaining that intellectual, civilised colossus that is Martin McGuiness, or rather evil personified, is sickening. No doubt our Atlantic cousins have a gory hand in all this. Probably using blackmail information similar to that used to keep Bliar and Labour onside over Iraq.

As I keep repeating, it's not that which we are permitted to know but that hidden from us which is destroying what remnants are left  of decency, in our corrupt global governance. As for retribution, that seems to be a luxury now out of fashion in the West. It would seem the greater the evil done the higher the rewards. Maybe the lad who stabbed that poor woman in Leeds will be on the way to Number 10 one day.

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