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Saturday, 17 May 2014

On And On The Smears Go.

Cheerleader In Chief Your Prime Minister And Europhile.

LBC producers, in collusion with their "friends in high places", if you count Londonistan as such, appear to have marmalised Farage and given Camoron an opportunity to indulge his, Camoron's own fearful prejudices, with regard to the threat of UKIP. Just as with the monsters who slaughtered Corporal Lee Rigby on our streets, avenues made safe by the sacrifices and billions lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So when our esteemed Prime Minister, unelected as was his proven maniacal predecessor, Snotty, lectures us on our being an  "open, tolerant and compassionate country". He forgets the manner these qualities have been employed to abuse each of those long lost moralities. Just look at the state of our Nation.

Elderly, tortured and abused, an NHS unable to provide the compassion once a natural part of indigenous nursing, now populated by cheap, imported and often unqualified staff. All managed by cretinous and uncaring political placements

The latter, men and women chosen for their slavish obedience to their political masters and prepared to preside over a genocidal hierarchy. One in which only the  favoured few are blessed with top jobs and then seek to buy credibility with their underlings. Remember, this is our tolerant society in action. Somewhat one sided I suggest. Just a worn stick, long rotted by mass immigration.

Camoron's quote demands we "must not put labels on people like UKIP does". Does this oxymoron not show the idiocy of this leader of The Establishment, as he labels UKIP and their supporters time and time again, racist. He speaks of UKIP as presenting a "terrible message about Britain".

No mention of his nodding through the Iraq war, watching idly as the NHS, schools and our welfare system attracts the flotsam and jetsam of countries and societies so awful people risk death to get to our shores and add to those bleeding us dry by sheer weight of numbers. These are messages he never hears but still damning indictments of a political class long sold out to the highest bidders. 

No mention of the child abuse, sex trafficking, slavery and paedophilia imported to add to an already blighted Nation of corruption and evil. No mention of the racketeering in false identities and sold, falsified documents. However, as this tidal wave of criminality, untold cruelty and medieval practice gets ever larger, we are corralled in a paddock fenced with our expected and stretched "tolerance".

If everybody with a vote were able to realise the manner of our subservience, the arrogant presumption of our very own demonisation as racists, if we dare speak out against the decay, then not only next week's possible whitewash of the cretinous Establishment would change but also the 2015 election. One once more to be for the people and not those who sit, undeservedly, in power. It's just happened in India, of all places.

People who have shamefully manipulated and wormed their way into power, at the expense of genuine democracy. Those who now lecture us with just a hint of trepidation they are rumbled. The language which seeks to capture the wonderful spirit, once endemic in a Britain independent and free, though war weary, is an insult to our forefathers' memory. As well as to us all of us today.

There was a time when such desire to subjugate us all was more in the manifestos of the LibDums and the Labour, union controlled, ghastly lot. Now all three parties are united in one thing. A total selling out of the United Kingdom, to the German new Third Reich construct, The Federal States of Europe. One man knows this all too well and he's Russian. He wants no truck with this user of Islamic Trojan Horses.

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