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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Money Not Morality Talks.

Pretty Well All The Time.

We can but pray that this is true. Camoron was out in front of the camera referring this scenario as "barbaric" and Gurny Milibad popped up to cry "me too", "look, look,". The Calamity youngster mumbled in the background.

Behind the scenes the slush funds aid money, said only go to NGOs, (please, they still have to bribe all and sundry to do any work), will have been threatened or frozen. To speak of this cultural evil shows that our erstwhile leaders know a deal was in the offing and good PR available. I wish I were not so cynical but anything connected to politics per se and African despots particularly, money does the deal.

I wonder how many executive jets are based on that godforsaken continent? I'm sure the ailing despot and protected tyrant, Mugabe, could give us a clue. So if Western aid grants are keeping Gulfstream immensely profitable, you won't see the Hollywood stars boycotting those factories anytime soon. Nor the corporate, political and gangster fraternities.

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