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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Milibad From The Back Off A Van.

Would You Buy A Designer Watch From This Guy?

I am very much a saddened and disillusioned Tory. Well, more an individual disheartened and saddened by the growth of the EUSSR monolith and undemocratic dictatorship, which our pathetic Parliamentarians are fully signed up to. Cars today, babies tomorrow. Chips with everything and everybody, with taxation levied directly out of your bank account if the chip implant detects you eating, well, too many chips , drinking too much booze, and smoking too many, if any at all, fags!

So the frequent parade of gimmicks and lies emanating from our EUSSR stooges, masquerading as a government and opposition is really becoming overwhelmingly tedious. It is all so utterly and feebly predictable and without any reference to recent history or events. 24 hour, relentless PR and brainwashing of enormous irrelevance. A constant watch kept for very good days to bury bad news.

For example, the floods are gone for now. The weather has, to date, followed a pattern of normality and even a decent summer is in the offing. So the flood compensation, action and empty, strutting and false promises are no longer remembered. "Climate change" is on the back burner and its enormous burden of legislation and green energy hypocrisy, which leaves the world's poorest people even more disadvantaged, is all set aside as the market stalls are erected to flog us as much pre-election tat as can be mustered.

The latest offering is from our old friend Wally Milibad, notably without Gromit in attendance. 

Money to be spent guaranteeing a GP appointment within 48 hours. The cost to be met via more fantasy savings from A&E. Before we look at this moron's track record on the NHS, bear in mind the other consequence of our political incompetence. Particularly but not confined to the leftard battalions of delusory idiots. That of overpopulation. Here is the nub of so many of our ills. Police forces, hospitals, schools, roads, housing,. Every thread of of our infrastructure already bare. 

Yet despite this vast and glaring failure to reign in the ever growing demand, what do our so called leaders and government do? Nothing other than open us up to a Federal ambition to mimic the USA and import ever greater numbers from an ever greater, foolish enlargement of the EUSSR. After Turkey, North Africa and further Eastwards, if Putin's inconvenient love of his own Country can be watered down. The USA, forged out of genocide, remember.

So this ludicrous claptrap lie "policy" from Wally "No Gromit" Milibad takes some biscuit. A man and Labour Party with a genocidal NHS history on their hands. The suppression of whistle blowers, placement of Union and socialist sympathisers into senior positions. The use of nepotism and the lavish life style of these individuals paid from scarce NHS budgets. This guy is but one of thousands parachuted into our education and health service, police forces and even Parliament itself.

So what, you may shrug. Well, the most infamous result of this treacherous manipulation of socialism in action is proven and documented. Note the fact that is "is the biggest scandal in years". There were and remain many more. An NHS the beloved "ball" of Labour who claim only they can be seen as the Party of the NHS. Ergo no one else is allowed to criticise their use of said ball. Such blithe arrogance identical to anything leveled, often very unfairly even today, at the Tories. Albeit just another cheek of the same posterior of EU politics today.

As for "so what". The report goes on, "possibly 1200 patients died.....suffering neglect, indignity and shoddy care". This is but one of hundreds of cases where Labours' target driven, ideological dogmatic PR and politics before patients caused this monumental scale of suffering. Suffering and cost driven stupidity which still leaves us in a terrible mess.

Never mind, the latest "solid gold" watch offering from our comical Ali style Wally Milibad. Watch this clip and compare Milibad's statements with these. If only I had the ability to do a "Downfall" with this material. Substituting these words with some from the Stafford Hospital report.

"What's the situation, now in Baghdad" changed to "What was the situation in Stafford Hospital Trust, under Labour?". If any reader fancies shopping this a la "Downfall", do let me know.

 Bearing in mind, of course, Iraq, post Labour and Bliar's war, is as dreadful or worse, as anything before. Get the gist? Do not forget the same clowns who demolished our proud Nation over decades and especially their last 13 years, are still at the head of Labour. Not only that but placing their offspring, as dictators always do, in the wings. 

A Tory lead in the polls offers the lesser of two evils, I'll grant that but wholesale change would be better. Otherwise we just decide which fake watch will give us the best timekeeping. I would prefer it made in The UK, not Europe!


  1. As Ed keeps telling us, there are three top priorities for this country: (1) the cost of living crisis, (2) the cost of living crisis and (3) the cost of living crisis.

    There, of course other problems as well that I could mention such as the cost of living crisis, the cost of living crisis,the cost of living crisis and the cost of living crisis.

    And I did mention the cost of living crisis?

  2. The cost of Labour in power is the cost of living crisis. Remember, "no money left"!