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Friday, 9 May 2014

It's Not All Doom And Gloom.

Unless You Watch Soaps Frequently!

I can't find the source where I read this week that addiction to or frequent watching of TV soap operas can add to or even bring about depression. I'm fortunate not to be in this viewing audience. I get my low moods from observing the manipulation of the soap audiences and suspect the large majority are of a underclass target Labour supporting ilk.

So it does suggest, in my eyes, that a prerequisite of Labour and socialist    political strategy is to engender a downbeat, depressive environment. One with the idea that everyone you see in a happy and upbeat tendency are better off than the downtrodden, soap opera unpleasantness, therefore to be vilified by voting Labour. The politics of envy, it's all right for some immaturity. 

The aforementioned strategy of course, only applies whilst in opposition. Unlike the stance of Tory credit where credit was perceived due, socialists loathe success unless it is their own. The irony of that is it never is successful in power. That is for the Nation as a whole. Only wonderfully successful and prosperous for themselves.

So do down all and sundry to promote a depressive climate, gain power and make things worse for all but your Party hierarchy. Sadly, decade in, decade out this works. As we grow our economy miraculously, after Labours' "no more boom and bust" utter incompetence, they are set to get back into power on the ability to persuade, by fair means of foul, only they have the magic ingredient for a better environment.

The soap opera depressives will still inhabit ever worsening slums and ghettos, will still see there abject slavery enhanced by social engineering, which drags more and more people into poverty. The cycle of declining wealth and any chance of a better country to live in will spin it's downward path. 

Still, no matter, glued to TV soaps showing we are all apparently miserable as sin, poor, ignorant, morally inept and only sex, drugs and unwholesome life styles are the norm, we can remain stupefyingly brainwashed and vote Labour. The only option for a better life, one day, never. Give me "Gardeners' World" any day!

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