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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Greens So Green!

What A Bunch Of Cretinous Europhiles.

Our future in their hands.

I caught a glimpse of a "Green" PBC. Dear Lord |I thought we had some morons in Government but what a dreadful and amateurish joke that was. All I really manage to understand was their love of all things EU and their aggressive antipathy to fracking. 

The fracking discussion is for another time. However were the Greens to have any say in the future they would hand future fracking and wealth of any kind over to Brussels. Just a moment, that's what all the others will do as well. Back to only one Party prepared to get us out of that "club".


  1. Overheard at the last General Election count wot I was doin'...

    "Who's the bloke over there that looks like Tom Baker doing Doctor Who?"

    "That's the Green Party candidate..."

    He really did. Complete with the knitted scarf, long coat and wide brimmed hat. You couldn't make it up.

  2. One only has to look at the work in Brighton where they appear to have hit the ground and kept digging.