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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Electoral Fraud.

16 Areas In Particular.

What we are becoming. At least the fact that most of this fraudulent , unpleasant behaviour is another consequence of our multi cultural legacy, comes across. What is not mentioned is how the Establishment has colluded in this gross blot on our former, mono cultural morality. Labour certainly fulfilled their ambition to rub our noses in it. Plus the man intensely relaxed about his filthy rich pals adds insult to injury, then some.
Furthermore the EUSSR Commissars will relish this activity and exploit it to the full. Revolution is long overdue. If to be at the ballot box we need to wrestle this criminal attack on perceived democratic process right now.  Well tomorrow. We live in hope that people power may yet hold sway. Bloody Establishment noses next Sunday please.


  1. W-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, it was only to be expected, no? The left do it anywhere - US elections were a case in point.

  2. Yes, James, very EUSSR, TOO.

  3. Do you not appreciate that these two chaps have a human right to vote as many times as they wish?

  4. I do, Demetrius and lot of other rights to boot!