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Monday, 5 May 2014

Coming To A Spot Near You.

Such Are The Joys Of Urban Life.

The stabbings, feral gangs, drug pushing, gangster led violence and brutality, the myriad languages and varied toilet habits, we are ordered to embrace, through our leaders vision, soon to be expanded. We should bow down to their proven prescience and give thanks, taxes and praise for the joy of mass immigration so wonderful in its under class and barbaric imports.

Why would we mind that the view depicted above is to be slowly consigned to the future already visible in our Utopian urban paradises? We must shout from the ever growing millions of rooftops, our unmitigated worship for the plans underway to make ever wealthier all those able to enjoy the fruits of insider trading, which now passes for 99% of all Councillors and politicians.

Naturally our instigators, so blessed with a perfect history of success in forging the overcrowding ghetto that Britain is destined to become, will enjoy sanctuaries throughout Europe. Places where their mayhem is not permitted to intrude on the luxury they will demand for themselves and their ruling classes of the future. 

No need of national, racial or cultural identities for these people. Such pettiness, as they tell us such things are, will not be allowed to ruffle the feathers of the mega rich. Unless, of course, that inconvenient mater of human nature is not eradicated. 

In that instance, internecine jealousies, perceived slights and gangster proclivity to covet anything they don't have will be every bit as corrosive to that ideal existence, regardless of who is involved. However since all that is good about people and worthy of conserving, will be deemed unnecessary. 

All will revert to the gutter. Europe will become little different from the African Continent, as our own untouchables already prove.   Despots will fall out, as they are doing in Ukraine, right now. As for the watered down Anglo-Saxon populations, might they also revert to their barbaric past? 

However we juggle these thoughts, it's sadly difficult to foresee a good outcome. The world seems doomed to watch over the demise of the human race. At least in its present overpopulated state. I guess all we can do is live for each day and pray we have good moments for as long as possible. After all, look who could be running the UK a year or so from now!

This clap trap to the Unite buffoons, who believe it all, yet readily dismiss the rich parasites of their own movement, is utter hypocrisy. The likes of McCluskey himself, their backers and apologists of this ilk. That's before we even consider the stench of nepotism. Or the wealth created out of incompetence enjoyed by the Kinnocks, Mandleson and a host of others, made rich at the teat of our taxes.

LibLabCon are, for sure, all cheeks of the same posterior and our Nation is all the poorer for it. Even if this is how it always was and is, still doesn't make it right. No wonder they wish for a United States of Europe and ever greater fortunes to be stolen garnered.

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