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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Business As Usual.

Slap Up Banquet Tonight.

The one pictured was to celebrate Hungary's Presidency tenure.

Our PM is playing the "I told you so" card this evening, for all its worth. He didn't though, did he? Well not in public. So this demeanor today suggests he did, under the counter, hand out leaflets warning of an outbreak of democracy in the EUSSR Regions. The recipients no doubt his fellow pseudo governors throughout Europe.

It is very obvious that the "club" that is The EUSSR chosen few, Calamity a good example and despite the poll evidence to the contrary, will shrug of the election kicking and shrug. After all most of us angry and fed up with this expensive but failing Fourth Reich, dominated by Germany, know little of the scale of collusion and corruption practiced behind our backs.

As an aside, one issue which may have contributed to the drubbing at the ballot box, despite the scale of likely fraud, might well have been the horror at the EUSSR's actions in Ukraine. An arrogant action at the bidding of Obummer and his clandestine way of stirring up trouble.

So along with the smoked salmon and caviar in Brussels, the lines of private jets at Zaventem, the limos and red carpet luxury, I doubt not one crumb of humble pie will be found. I suspect the only lesson to be learnt will be how to circumvent the people and crack down on this most unwelcome expression of angry common sense and democracy. It's a hateful construct and its been found out. Problem is it may be too late to stop them.


  1. These gits will stop at nothing to further their EU dream, don't expect to see this reported in the MSM.

  2. Boiling Frog linked to this, too. It's the less understood, very dark side of the Establishment.