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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Burying Bad News.

Today Of All Days.

Your New Neighbours in the Cotswolds?

Of all the days to release huge rises in EU, job seeking, UK immigration, today takes the biscuit!  So much of the racist name calling by those running scared of the common sense rhetoric of UKIP shown up for the Establishment goons and ludicrous bully boys they are.

Note the Bulgarian and Romanian rise in beggars job seekers and upright, noble, hard working numbers. What was the stuff pedaled by those running frit? Here's an incident likely to get very much worse and more frequent. Farage posed the question, this answers why it needed asking.

Ironic, too, that one of the passionate architects of Labours' "rubbing our noses in multi-culturalism" found himself embroiled in such a fall out from an inevitable fracas! Now who do you prefer living next door? This woman or 50 Roma in one terrace dwelling? Tough choice, that!

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