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Friday, 30 May 2014

Blinkered Ignorance.

Labour's Utter Contempt For Their Fellow Citizens.

Naturally they share this contempt with most of their Westminster troughers but they, Labour, pretend to be for the "ordinary" man. Albeit Snotty Gordo made the claim four years ago, a bang up to date ugly mug reiterates the mindset. So this evening I fancied a brief look at why this "bigotry", so called, is in reality resentment on that visited upon us in the name of destroying our culture.

Firstly millions of these immigrants cling to the culture set in stone from the places they deserted. Hell bent on turning The UK into an identical, barbaric and ghastly, caste/class ridden, corrupt hell hole they left.

Just three examples of this cultural behaviour and misogynistic total nastiness.

Chained and imprisoned this woman is treated with ghastly and inhumane cruelty. Nothing said by Baldy Vague, you will note. Do not, however, condemn these people and their culture, that's racist.

Then India parades its credentials as a civilised culture with this, yet another barbaric crime and one of unimaginable horror and torture for these children.. This treatment of young girls deemed of lower class has overtones of the  epidemic of identical attitudes  to young girls now spread throughout our Land. Do not, however, condemn these people and their culture, that's racist.

Then we have yet another of the legion of  such acts, where women are less than cattle and men are murdering them as they would swat a fly. Do not, however, condemn these people and their culture, that's racist.

The utter disregard of these cultural and medieval practices, the lack of anger shown on our behalf and the casual acceptance of propaganda used to subjugate the indigenous culture, decency and law abiding civilised Nation we were becoming, is but par for the PC, leftie stupidity, rammed down our throats. Their definition of bigotry is not agreeing with the agenda of multiculturalism designed to secure a new, obedient and grateful core vote. One needed to replace the growing awareness, by the once core working class vote, they've been shafted by Labour and their Union Baron mates.

You see, bigotry is yet another word, like racism, being manipulated and twisted to nefarious purpose. Brainwashing and re-education the motivation. The UKIP vote is showing where we bigots need to go. Somewhere not to protest but protect. Not to be bigoted but defensive. Not to be racist but resentist. Is there anywhere else if we are to say enough is enough? 

I can't see one at all. Just an ever growing army of the likes of Alex Cunningham. Now they are bigoted and moronic. Against their own countrymen and women. The very people who pay their undeserved and incompetent sinecures. Hateful bunch.

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