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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Are Nerves Jangling At Westminster HQ?

This Is Popcorn Territory.

Both nick your money, one way or another.

Argy bargy goes public! I am, as ever, grateful for the heads up from Raedwald. Not least because my perusal of the Mail today threw up even more information of the childish nature of the Petulant LibDums. What a juvenile pair Laws and Clegg are looking. Also in the frame for thieving imbecile of the month is David Lawbreaker Laws. . Truth will out or what?

Furthermore this spat goes very deep;

"Meanwhile, emails have been leaked suggesting the Lib Dems knew it would be a disaster, but carried on regardless.
There seems little doubt Mr Cummings – no fan of Mr Clegg, whom he has called ‘self-obsessed’, ‘dishonest’ and ‘a revolting character’ – is hell-bent on making trouble."
Love the no doubt accurate and deserved description of the EUSSR forelock tugger. Yes, it rhymes also with an "F" word.

Now in much of this we have a strong, honest, state school product, in Michael Gove, standing firm and not prepared to kow tow to the  "Do you know who I am" type typified by the spoilt featherweight that is Clegg. Since the latter is such a stinker and a peg on the nose would be useful in his presence, plus alliteration, I shall refer to the career politician as "Peg" Clegg.

Then we have feeble Dave in a position of arbitrator. Now he won't want to be seen to prefer the State school chap over the Public school chummy pact that the Cobbleition is. However, for this to have become public knowledge is a beauty of a humdinger. Popcorn territory indeed.

Then we have the forthcoming election, next week, in which the Establishment is meant to be throwing the kitchen sink and the very core of their nastiness, at UKIP, in a shameful, party political, self interest venture and screw the electorate. So this eruption of playground, infantile, shallow banality is a hoot. As for the anything but dream team Laws and Peg, this won't help their cause next week, so more of the same, please.

I certainly shall be rooting for Mike, not Peg and I suggest most reasonable will be, too. Add to this a massive, hopefully, victory for UKIP on Thursday, then maybe a few of the Gove quality in Tory ranks might rediscover the crown jewels of Conservative values. Not least if they break ranks and join UKIP!

I would refer you to Raedwald, once more, to close this post. Even bigger fish to fry, Nigel.


  1. The anti-EU vote is growing so far and so fast, not just in the UK but in the other EU nations should we expect some shoddy underhand goings on by the EU between the vote count and it's publication to skew the result?

  2. Shoddy very low key poster and campaign strategy in place to nurture a low turn out. What if they
    reduce their turn out and boost the anti-EUSSR vote?