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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Unite, Enemy At The Door.

The Establishment Door, That Is.

Note Snotty's litany of lies even before he slags her off. Now bear in mind they're all now doing the same!

The leading subversive town crier and establishment voice of the cretinous lefties wallows in smug support of a "cross" party ganging up to bully, by whatever means, UKIP. What is being displayed is an outright blatant example of how the present day EUSSR Westminster are all tarred with the same brush.

This "initiative" is little more than an excuse to use public funds and EUSSR bribes to try and bolster our Establishment's lofty and aloof power over the rest of us. Bear in mind this is a very elite club which is now having to reveal its membership and cosy allegiances to each other. 

In this effort they are following Cyclop's lead in calling not just Mrs Duffy a bigot but virtually all of us. These are of the same band of despots who have the following history. Expense cheats, insider dealers like Bliar, warmongers, pension robbers and economic wreckers. Supporters of robber barons of the corporate and banking world. They have ALL colluded in mass immigration, NHS genocidal managements and the sacrifice of all we once fought and died to protect. A plague on all their houses would be a kindness.

Those despicable actions, over decades, do not touch on the inner core of well protected paedophile rings. Take a peek at Raedwald's scathing attack of Starmer. A Labour pin up boy and part of the endemic nepotism of socialist inherited wealth and replacement, for a once almost decent aristocracy. 

Raedwald points out how well known but dispensable figures like Clifford, or the long departed nonces such as Smith The Pig and Savile the Demented, are paraded as cover for the ones still practicing their evil existences. Will we ever get into that inner sanctum of self protecting depravity? One defended by MI5, the police et al. 

At least this public show of unity, under the guise of branding us all racists for wanting to bring down their cosy and hitherto comfortable inner circles, is a bit of a giveaway. It makes it even more and pretty obvious, that the meme that they are all the same selfish shiites we thought they were and are is indeed true.

I have a feeling that this constant and bordering on hysterical, blitz on UKIP, is having the opposite effect. The Left's and Labour's record on immigration is already shot and now the other two, the Con trick Conservative hierarchy and LibDum "don't mention Cyril's cover up" bunch are allying themselves to Cyclops stance against Mrs Duffy. 

How desperate and pathetic. If the present UKIP momentum is enhanced by these tactics keep it up. When all's said and done, it's little different to the way we have been duped for decades. Promises and manifestos all only good for the bestseller fiction lists. 

So now we can but hope that these unholy alliances of well funded, by our money, closing of ranks just shows even the most disinterested, that this Establishment of self interested nonces shoots more than their own feet off. Never was the phrase "time for change" more apt. A change from the ghastly people who have abused their power over us all far too long. 

Cyclops Brown demonstrated the whole raw truth of what is said amongst themselves, in perceived private. As for playing that old chestnut, the race card, how desperate is that? Bully UKIP you bully pretty well all of us. No change there then, except it's less well hidden than before. Furthermore we were warned!


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