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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Town And Country.

Modern Britain.

Mrs OR and me moved to the village ten years since. Refurbishing and in some instances restoring this idyllic place has been tough. Along the way the environment has, in the main, been wonderful. We have made more friends in ten years than ever we did in the city over 30 years.

This evening we took a pint in our village pub. Mine host had course to spend  a precious few minutes time with us and related a story of a local chap leaving his wallet on the bar one lunchtime. He, the customer, Edgar, returned that same evening to discover it still where he left it. Our host was asked why he didn't secure it for his return. The reply? This is the countryside not London or Manchester. Says it all.

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  1. Used to be like that here. 30 years ago one could leave doors unlocked and not worry. Now all doors are locked and windows closed, even if we are only in the back garden. Latest Neighborhood Watch advice is to not just lock sheds and out buildings but secure locking mechanisms and hinges with coach bolts passing though steel plate at the rear. Very sad but probably inevitable when a population grows from around 400 to around 2500.