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Friday, 25 April 2014

Politics And Christianity.

Clegg And Cameron.

Among the chatterati and deeply ingrained in the modern Establishment, the sheer horror and cruel torture of Christ's crucifixion is as disregarded as the welfare and desires of the rest of us for a better and fairer society. As for the leftie hypocrites of socialism, they see all religion other than Islam, as competition to their perceived deity and dogma.

So the recent spats and deep, emotional and reverential faith for themselves above all, Clegg the child's pronouncements on State and Christianity are just part of his EUSSR ambition for nought but despotic dictatorial governance. In all of this he rises above all sense of decency and respect for Christian followers.

Were his irritable ignorance to substitute Islam for Christianity then his words might well be fatal. Literally and politically. As it is, like all politicians, when the word faith is mentioned it is applied to, as ever, their own vanities and sense of superiority. 

We should remember that in the time of Christ the known world was every bit a mess as it is today. That Christ's teaching changed so much then and for two thousand and fourteen years since, is a fact. So the flippancy of secular obsession may be regarded as clever and modern but show me where that has ever improved the lot of mankind.

The ridiculous argument that religious faith is the cause of much strife and war is a nonsense. It is those who seek power through the manipulation of faith who are to blame. Were our lives to be led by a much harder effort to live by the teaching of Christ who would argue it would not make our lives more fulfilling and decent. Even happier.

Still, politics do reflect the state of a society. We really do get the "leaders" we deserve. More attention to morality and genuine caring might change that. One reason why that imbecile, immature and pompous prick Clegg should eat his words. Including his unspoken condemnation of his Cyril Smith supporters and LibDum, Liberal and too liberal forebears.

I wouldn't wish Christ's passion on politicians but which are the more deserving of such horror?

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