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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Plain Nose Day.

We Have Even More Than Red Nose Days.

Never mind "don't get ill", don't get old, in modern Britain.

I often refer to the EUSSR and its blatant grab of sovereignties as an "Elephant in the room". Unseen or if it is, not to be mentioned. Another such analogy might well be its "as plain as the nose on your face.".

Sir Richard Thompson actually refers to the "nose" so far as how mass immigration is swamping our NHS, with little sign of any let up. Not only do we have the world's flotsam and jetsam pouring in, to milk our beneficence but the poorer and EU shackled newcomers from Eastern Europe and soon Turkey,  are also aware that the UK is the place for free and easily obtained medical care. 
Not only do the world's poor know how much the UK has to offer but this Kingdom is hell bent on ensuring any "minority" interests get priority attention. They and the very wealthy and privileged. No wonder we are struggling to staff and pay for this unprecedented demand. Not only now but for the foreseeable future.

I and my generation have watched this eventuality unfold under mainly socialist policies but aided and abetted by the political class, united in any policy which might help keep them in charge and ever richer. Not least to escape the poverty creeping into our NHS and infrastructure. Also in order to protect their own.

So have a very happy nose day and weekend while you can!

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