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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Loathing Made Apparent.

Obamas At War.

No way to run a world. The powers that be in our modern world lecture us on their private lives being none of our business. A convenient stance when we consider their characters and demeanour can end in sending soldiers into war or even worse a petulant press of a nuclear button. Let alone the economic consequences which might be driven by flawed and irritable tantrums.

In the past couple of years or so the Obamas have naturally been under scrutiny. Her reported extravagance with taxpayers' income plus his less than quick witted foreign policy and lack lustre leadership, or even total lack thereof, have combined to place America in an invidious position.

I, as a person who loathes all or even slight connections with socialism and political correctness, cannot help a wry smile. The Democrats certainly lean more left than the Republicans and Obama's racial complexion was and remains an icon to the PC brigade. Yet neither attributes can be a substitute for competence and fidelity to Office we all so crave to see returned to Western culture.

Over the years we have observed the first couple of America I have, in the last two years, been reminded of Charles and Diana's eventually obvious breaking relationship. The frequent solo engagements for one. Just as now the hugely obvious and somewhat embarrassing absence of Mrs O in Japan.

There is an irony in these matters. Fame, celebrity, wealth and the trappings of office are still not enough to guarantee happiness or contentment. Just as with most hypocritical proponents of socialism, riches get in the way of relationships and decent behaviour. Ask the Bliars. We might even suggest that our socio-economic  station in life, as young people, sets the scene for how we cope, as human beings, with elevated careers and income.  

Or perhaps basic intelligence is the key. Without that perhaps foolishness is dominant. Not least if massaged by sycophancy, as it so often can be in political and royal households. Whatever the reasons for human frailty it cannot be an excuse for how the rise and fall of Western culture and the descent into decadence now dominates and goes unchecked.

Those couples in power, such as the Obamas, Bliars, Kinnocks and the whole panoply of mega rich "socialists" are deserving of any reasonable person's loathing. Not that others aren't as despicable. Just that those outside the mad house dogma and idiocy of socialism can at least claim a less blatant hypocrisy and therefore be not quite as loathsome as their counterparts.

Then we have Vladimir. No doubt his strength of character has been able to allow him to run rings round Obummer and The West. Especially the EUSSR. In doing so, despite the daily exhortations of the tame and untruthful western MSM to hate Vlad, all I can muster is a huge respect for his obvious leadership skills!

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  1. Fully agree, particularly the bit about Putin.