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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Great Climate News!

Do Not Pass On To Stupid Politicians!

After hours of drivel masquerading as science and headed up by that already known joke of a self appointed scientist, Pachauri. A global quangocrat and economist by trade  and all round favourite of the Common Purpose crowd,  Oldrightie brings you the unpalatable reality behind this doom laden and manufactured nonsense.

I am at a loss as to why it is always so pessimistic, smug and incapable of addressing today's issues and pollution. Wars, weapons, nuclear bombs and wholesale deforestation are far more identifiable as destructive. Nature, in the form of rebalancing, is far more powerful and may well decide it can do without human beings. Then all we have chosen to do, for good or bad, will matter for nothing.

However we also have cause for optimism if we but seek it out. So what better than I give you a steer back to where real science and questioning research is to be found. A web site dedicated to showing the Emperors running modern soothsaying on climate really have no clothes. I refer to this place constantly. How sad those with selfish agendas never appear to visit somewhere they really could learn. 

Do make the effort to read at least that one riposte to the clowns in thrall to their too expensive to junk quangos and computer models. Models we know can't forecast next week accurately let alone decades on.

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  1. Thanks for that link to ICECAP OR.
    Very interesting' I've added it to my favourites.