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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Even Darker Forces.

As We Learn A Little today.

What a monster. Unfortunately there are quite a few more. The Westminster so glowingly referred to by Camoron, last week, is still riddled with inadequates and their pathetic need to bully and coerce children for their own salacious and dysfunctional debauchery. These creatures make the Profumo activities with other adults virtually lily white in comparison to the sadistic and immature needs of such people as Smith. Cast in the filthy cloaks of secret power and collusion.

How MI5 and others, sworn to protect the Nation, collude to deprive children of justice and decency, is possibly the worse stain on our once believed claim to civilised status. That those charged with the cover ups and even their own participation in this heinous and disgusting web of predatory criminality, need some serious exposure and violent censure. 

That is if any hope can be offered for the futures of children soon to become every bit as vulnerable as those lives already blighted and destroyed, to service the needs of people with an incredible sense of entitlement to anything which takes their sick and warped desires.

What is even more sickening, if that is possible, is the collusion and attitude of those in the know. Clegg doing for Smith the kind of eulogising we got from the BBC over Savile. Then there is documented evidence of the same laissez faire behaviour of the Left. Not least the Dromey big beasts in waiting of the so called Labour Party. The only "labour" these days are their own toils on behalf of themselves and their cronies. A nest of nepotists and greedy, power grubby grabbers.

I only hope that the book to be featured on that obese molester Smith leads to more exposures of the bad and the less than great. Not easy to be hopeful, however when Snot Gobbler's nocturnal ramblings were as readily suppressed, just as years of Smith's noncing progress through life and knighthood. 

I dread to imagine the horrors which may never see the light of day thanks to an Establishment riddled through with the very people they are supposed to be tracking down. Sadly all that is left for we minions are prayers for the victims. Prayers which are seemingly unanswered. At least in this life.

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