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Monday, 7 April 2014

EU Suckers!

Sucked In Or What?

At least when cretinous idiots wheedle their way into cushy wealth, who are failed but one time elected individuals, we get a bit of a say when they fail, as to voting them out. I know this is getting less and less possible but even so, we still get the odd chance to vent our despair and displeasure.

Of course, once part of the unholy political and civil service cabals and club,s you often get promoted to positions of wealth, regardless of competence. Indeed, it's often inversely the case. Look at the Kinnocks for just one of many failed, useless but very rich members of this bunch.

However, when you are part of the inner circle headed by that moron, Rompuy, boy do you get to play serious but very dangerous games. No problem whilst your playground pals are as useless as you are. Beware, however when you challenge a smarter, elected representative, of a third of the whole area you have chosen to strut your pathetic stuff.

Also be careful who, from your team, you put forward as your main player. For when it looks like, walks like, thinks like and behaves as an all round piece of useless, ill equipped placement dross, whose promoter was a mono eyed raving lunatic of a mucus munching cyclops, you might be in trouble. Big time.

So it has come to pass. The hop scotch game, reserved for only favourite players, has gone from violent nastiness on the favoured streets of Kiev, to drive off any doubters as to where the best pitch was to found, to a much bigger space outside the tiny world inhabited by Baroness Goodforeffall. 

As for those surrounding her dismal entourage, how embarrassing. From a meddling internal squabble our lot in Brussels have created a third world war scenario, should they fail to redress the the total mess inspired by interference in Kiev. 

Obummer's lot might be said to have played a blinder by pushing their EUSSR puppets into the front of the boys and girls to carry any cans. Trouble is he totally misunderstood what the people of Europe know. That Brussels is full ess aitch one tee when it comes to any ability to govern with a mandate. Unelected, in fighting careerists the lot of them.

Add the Common Purpose element into the mix and Vlad must think every day is Christmas. What a blinder, wherebye millions of pro- Russian sympathisers and speakers have been given carte blanche to ape the violence in Kiev. Sauce for the goose or what? 

For over three years Ashton has been known to be rubbish. As was Kinnock. Yet still such people are given millions of our dosh to parade their stupid inadequacies and laugh at those of us footing their luxurious but still pathetic existences. Maybe Vlad might seek them out in the future as people responsible for land grabbing attempts, such as to give them a personal dressing down. That would be fun to see. The EU High Representative for Foreign Meddling Affairs on trial in Moscow!


  1. LOL at her picture, what a complete idiot she is (or is that us for putting up with them), and love the name Baroness Goodforeffall.

  2. Nice how you pull your punches here! Seems Russia wants to trade gas and oil with the likes of China and Iran using Roubles and not the US dollar. This would be catastrophic for the US. Thus the EU is encouraged to apply sanctions and oppose Vlad at all costs. This in addition to the efforts made by the subjects of your essay in their attempt for expansion of the EU into the Ukraine. Very dangerous times are ahead. We really do need strong intelligent officials with integrity who understand diplomacy to lead the EU!