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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Definition Of Madness.


Is this the headteacher of the future?

This one works for our politicians. Also for the so called MSM. I note this morning The Mail's Glover writes an almost verbatim article identical in many ways to my post of yesterday. Whatever the coincidence, we both highlight the paucity of intelligence in our established, for now, political moronic class.

In this same paper we also have the usual shock horror of this poor teacher's awful murder. Allegedly carried out by a deranged victim of modern society's abject abandonment of parenthood and marriage. One undoubtedly engineered by the Establishment to create, seemingly, a compliant, consumerist, brainwashed "untermensch". 

This hormone and drug fuelled possible perpetrator is reported to be the offspring of yet another failed marriage. Father no doubt with a new trophy wife and child and a mother seeking the pleasures of Gran Canaria at the expense of a temporary withdrawal of nurture from her manic, abandoned offspring.

In all of this too familiar chaos, nobody bothers to consider the damage our now dysfunctional society embraces nonchalantly. All will be fine, just leave it to The State to manage and control. Thus the insanity of continuing down the same destructive path, that marriage failure wreaks, continues. Here is an example.

I don't have any answers. All I know is that socialism and the dumbing down of education, the antipathy to responsible parenting and the pursuit of consumerism and Mammon has created a monster of social breakdown. That marriage and divorce should be now little more than a quick matter during a coffee break may be rather convenient for the childish selfishness of parents but hardly of any joy for the children of this casual attitude.

Forget for a moment the consequences of loneliness, which is inevitable for this lack of commitment and responsibility,  in old age, just concentrate on the rise of gang culture. One believed to be taking over as a substitute for good homes and loving parents. At least, for now, throughout our overcrowded slum cities.

This terrible killing in Leeds is just a beginning. We are rapidly hurtling towards a time when the cruelty and violence in care homes spills over into the streets and the aged become a magnet for robbery and extreme violence. Along with the vulnerable young. 

Yet the insanity is perpetuated by politicians and their establishment figures such as the Judge mentioned in the link. That is, despite the evidence that good marriages and intelligent parents are the mainstay of contented, happy children and mature adults. A core necessity for a fairer society, as opposed to the pathetic principles and dogma of socialism and State control.

Despite the Sodom and Gomorrah consequences of an irresponsible, spoilt and undisciplined society, despite the obvious failure of making children somehow special purely because of age and failing to offer draconian punishment and deterrence to bad behaviour, we still see them treated with kid gloves and pitiful, whining favouritism.

To further compound the continuation of this decline by carrying through the same mistakes and errors of insanely expecting different results from the same philosophy and policies, mass immigration is still welcomed. Thus our care homes, hospitals, schools and overcrowding get ever worse. Our social consciences become ever more untenable and violent defence will become as widespread as its aggressive, counterpart, violent offence.

It has even been, already, mooted that kids feel they need to carry weapons about their person. That bullying is rife and our social breakdown deep and ingrained everywhere. Or at least in  our towns and cities. Until, somehow a reversal, can be made, which I doubt, our Mad Max future looks assured. One, perhaps inevitable, when insanity rules in the pursuit of "more of the same" policies of our Establishment. 

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  1. In all of this too familiar chaos, nobody bothers to consider the damage our now dysfunctional society embraces nonchalantly.

    Some of us do.