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Friday, 11 April 2014

Dark Forces.

Always It's About What We Are never Told.

This lot and their empty and insulting apologies are but a veneer of decency over a core slab of rotten timber. This is yet another "too big to fail" because its a significant part of the inner circle's nefarious comrades and crooks. Not surprisingly it is yet again the Labour Party who, until recently, saw, as they do Union dues diverted to their coffers, the money in the CoOp as being as much theirs as it was the bank's depositors.

it is no coincidence that payrolls are paid into banks in order to allow them to have access to everybody's cash should the need arise. As of course it did recently in Cyprus. Just as nasty and grubby was the HMRC grab power. Another means to an end for future usage. For example taking money from an inheritance made well before it is available to the inheritor. A requirement now but likely to become automatic.

Whatever the excuses, the methods now employed by governments become more and more hidden as to the true agendas. All we can do is lie back and be raped witless and without ever knowing why it ever came to such a pass. Even when the debauchery of our MPs, their grasping greed and immoral nastiness becomes public virtually daily. So unpleasant and debilitating.

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