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Thursday, 3 April 2014

After That Debate.

Some Of Why The EU Is Such A Failure And Mess.

Here is a good example of Clegg's ignorance. Here's another such piece of stupidity. In the homeland of his Spanish wife we see monuments to the hubris and smug arrogance of the ruling political EUSSR classes. Then, in addition we see an even bigger self interest. from the Clegg's ambition for Bliar like riches, via the public purse and the sacrifice of any decent responsibility for millions of less fortunate European, poverty stricken corner, such as Greece.

It is of little surprise when we look at the fat cats and hypocrites, from Mandleson, the Kinnock millions, to Fatty Pang of the BBC largess sinecure. What a powerful, bought and paid for bunch of treacherous placemen and women for this disgusting project of subjugation. Add the obsessive control freakery ambitions of competing media outlets and our desire to be free of this ghastly system is going to be a tough ask.

As Farage ably points out, the only likely path to destroy this unholy system of Common Purpose cabals will be a powerful national socialism morphing into fascism and violence. Something already stirring. 

One disappointing aspect of this scenario is the manner in which the ruling classes will do all they can to hold onto their flawed and pathetic ambitions for a global supra governance. Thus election rigging, subterfuge, even murder will be used to prevent a "European Spring". We do now see a polarisation of antagonists these days. A very sinister "Them and Us". It is already a very unpleasant place. One where the ending, in whatever shape, will be tearful. 

History tells us so, over and over again. Syria may well be just a precursor to a similar, disastrous, European wide, mirror image. Unless, of course, EUSSR power, corruption, self interest and unearned pensions are removed! Add to that spending our expensive EUSSR club subscriptions plus useless legislative obedience costs and we could even repair our dangerous, life threatening pot holes! The reported £12 billion for decent roads. It's a no brainer for all but those on the gravy train and not at risk from sink hole highways. Let alone EUSSR inspired ghettoes, gangs and gangster cultures.

The examples of this dreadful juggernaut are legion. We now face a gun to the head of rural of villages, held by  new legislation, making protest against the concreting of the countryside impossible. A need for "affordable housing" which, in essence is the plan to enrich developers and accommodate mass immigration from Europe and the slums of the Planet. Whilst, ironically, the reclaimed over centuries of the Somerset Levels gets abandoned in the name of wildlife conservation. Hardly joined up thinking, is it?   


  1. Those that watch the cycling on Eurosport, sad but the scenery is the excuse, it is remarkable the amount of posh new road building that has been done in Europe recently. Even in areas which are sparsely populated. Has all this been done on debt or on EU expenditures?

  2. Bribery, pure and simple.
    We probably remember the roads Brian Robinson suffered in the fifties, D.