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Friday, 4 April 2014

Afghanistan Retreat.

Tails Between Legs, Lions Really Led By Donkeys.

So Bliars' incompetent and blood soaked hubris, embraced by the latest unelected PM, comes to a shabby and so predictable end. The myth of Taliban rag tag and bobtail resistance again proved as foolish a propaganda stunt as it did the last time round. The consequences will continue to be horrific for decades to come. As shown this week in America. Let alone the physical maimed and killed thousands of allied soldiers.

It should be also noted how little the EUSSR charlatans boast about their precious presence in this god forsaken conflict, in the guise of NATO but in reality now the EUSSR force. Such a catastrophic failure can't be allowed to be laid at the door of our omnipotent Brussel's Burghers. That mongrel collection of unelected uninspirational Rompuy clones.

One thing we can be certain of is that Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, despite billions thrown at enforcing the failed, shallow, immoral, undemocratic shabby Western excuse for governance, will be centres of tribal and competing forces totally outside what passes for modern life. The retribution now poised to be meted out in Afghanistan will be medieval barbarity and carefully ignored by what passes for Western leadership.

Just note Clegg the Comedian's attacks on Farage over the latter's admiration for Vlad's stopping of yet another foolish intervention in Syria. Farage reflected the desire for most people to keep our meddling pygmies out of yet another ghastly civil war. The same people who have nurtured mass economic migration and left no room for genuine refugees and the properly qualified, in fear of torture and persecution, asylum seekers.

How many know these two names, Nouri Abusahmain or Jalal Talabani? The former President of Libya, the latter Iraq. I pose the question to highlight how we are confined to our mushroom farm cellars when inconvenient truths might permit us a peek from under the manure thrown over us when things become glaringly bad. 

This same guided censorship will be applied to the carnage about to unfold, as the Taliban, unopposed and flush with Western cash and discarded weaponry, reclaim their blighted lands. As for winning hearts and minds and keeping our own streets safe, such stand up comedy would be funny if not soaked in blood and literally guts. If we had not poured the very sons of our enemies into the very heart of our own cities, we could maybe smile.

As it is the Common Purpose obsession with a world government, controlled by corporations, criminal gangs and bankers goes on its blood soaked path. Part of this trio of abhorrence no doubt salivating over the increased riches soon to become available as they reap the huge profits from Taliban controlled poppy fields. 

The armament barons will rub their hands as further outbreaks of war torn violence spread across places yet to be mined. After all, why not start with Eastern Europe. Rich pickings to be had from another cold war with Russia. If our mobsters can rope China in on their side, against Vlad, even better. Plus if that kicks off we can conveniently forget the mess bequeathed Afghanistan and The Middle East.

Such a scenario may seem far fetched. Yet given the track record of post war Western incompetence and the mess they are in, as their global dominance looks ever more implausible, there's a lot of debt to be serviced and retribution made to the Mafia barons who are now part of this inner circle. What better way to repay than with more conflict.

The more we study the state of our world the more the need becomes to join a peoples' army. One demanding change at the top and less bloodshed and sacrifice at the bottom. A sort of global French style revolution. Not that I am advocating violence. Unlike our Clegerons and the rest of his EUSSR besotted kind. They would and do stop at nothing in their pursuit of power and greed. Just look at when they hit the jackpot.

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  1. A powerful and truthful post that Rightie, i can't help but agree with every point.