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Monday, 21 April 2014

A Livid Return!

Even The Sunday Bloody Times!

The first "rag" I have read for a few days was yesterday's Sunday Times. I was also spared, whilst in Spain, the incessant propaganda fed to we mushrooms in The UK. Especially the Ukraine. I was also thrilled to not see one, not one, wretched blue and gold starred ex cuse for a Federal Emblem. Either the Spanish are already cowed or the Brits more needing of full, in your face and head, brain washing.

As for the Sunday Fiction Times, well, as if the stating of the bleeding obvious wasn't enough they then accuse Putin of wanting a Eurasia in the fashion of Orwell's 1984. A more honest link would be if we just substitute Obama's EUSSR puppets and pygmies in Berlin and Brussels in place of Vlad and Russia and the article then has far greater efficacy.

Afterall it's the new EU armed forces, morphing out of NATO, who covet the strategic location fronted by Kiev. It's the cretinous EU/US axis which seeks control at any price. Including dubious gangster like oligarchs being set loose to further Western expansionism.

To add salt to the flagellation of the article on its readership, they go on to slag off the RT service as nought but a propaganda tool of Russia. I for one see a far greater intelligent presentation, balanced debate and intellectual excellence than most of the Sky and BBC "ceebies" offers up as news.

As for the attack on Cameron's Christian leanings today, that takes the biscuit. To argue the UK is secular first and faith associated second, beggars belief. I bet this doesn't get top billing in the ever burgeoning Mosques and Islamic centres filling the gap blown in Christian morality by the mammon worshipping, corporate Common Purpose Big Brothers.

If we were to stop for one moment and compare the arrogance of those who follow both mammon and Islam, with the less strident efforts of Christians to live a decent and where possible benign life, which creed comes out the better to make humanity human?

It was a very pleasant break but a stark, savage return to the dictatorship of corporate Britain and the shabby publications used to "correct" all those of us needy of re-education. Eurasia is every bit Orwellian but much more an EU-US Common Purpose driven obsession than Russian. They had their USSR and look where that ended up! Niet?

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