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Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Little Late Today.

The Attacks Coming Thick And Fast.

UKIP supporters dig in.

UKIP's political broadcast scrutinized to the nth degree. Add this dug dirt to, shock horror, a UKIP member took part in a party broadcast. As if all those good folk in TV adverts are real, genuine, toothpaste users and chefs. Please.

Still, the more the Establishment and their friendly MSM moguls are engaged in incestuous propaganda deals, UKIP looks ever more a legitimate and desirable protest vote. Furthermore, whatever the shortcomings and potential future migration into the corridors of power and greed, the meantime of navel gazing shock by the Common Purpose crooks would be a joy to behold.

Our lives are now lived under a culture of corporate brainwashing consumerism and internet psychological warfare where nothing shown is what it appears. For example comparison websites, which, behind the scenes, are under corporate ownership.

So come on UKIP, keep up the momentum. Take the punches and follow through. If ever we needed some bloody noses in Westminster, it's now. As for the MSM, jokers all. With luck, the last laugh will be on them.

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  1. US gutter style politics. Dontcha' just love it?

    I'm reminded of the old footie saying - "If you can't kick the ball, kick the guy that's got it!"